Crimea, Rape | Police: Man kidnapped, abused and raped with dildo

Now he will demand around 3-400,000 kroner in reparation.

OSLO (Nettavisen): Next week, three men must appear in Oslo District Court and answer for very serious accusations.

According to the police, the three defendants, in their 20s and 30s, kidnapped another man in his 20s in December 2018.

On December 11, from noon, according to the police, the victim was detained in an apartment in central Oslo for over a day. On the evening of December 12, he was released. During the almost 26 hours in captivity, he is said to have been subjected to extensive violence and rape.

Police: Beaten and kicked a number of times

The indictment states:

«In the apartment, NN (the victim, editor’s note) was sprayed with defense spray in the eyes, overpowered, handcuffed and tied with strips and tape, after which he was subjected to violence and threats until release.

Among other things, NN was beaten and kicked a number of times, including being hit in the head with one or more objects, he was injected with something that was stated to be heroin (…).

NN was further threatened several times with a knife to the neck, and was among other things threatened that he would be killed and that his fiancée would be raped. “

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The rape is said to have taken place by the dildo being used by force in various ways against the man.

The victim is also said to have been robbed of valuables, a ring and a watch. The maximum penalty for deprivation of liberty, for which the accused are accused, is ten years’ imprisonment. The most serious charge is aggravated rape with a maximum sentence of 21 years in prison.

Aggravating circumstances may be whether the rape was committed by several people jointly, whether it took place in a painful and / or offensive manner and the extent of the damage.

– The case has been a burden for my client and it has affected him a lot. He has given a comprehensive explanation to the police about what has happened and will do so in court as well, says the man’s assistance lawyer, Emilia Niemi in the law firm Bratlien, to Nettavisen.

Requires large compensation

The victim in the case will demand reparation in the order of 3-400,000 kroner. What has become the “standard amount” as compensation in rape cases is NOK 150,000.

– In our cases, there is also talk that it is a rape committed jointly, it is aggravating. There is also talk of kidnapping and violence. We believe this amount is realistic to arrive at, provided that the defendants are sentenced to pay compensation, Niemi says.

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The man has been to psychologist treatment after the abuse. The psychologist’s statement becomes part of the presentation of evidence in court.

The victim in the case has requested that his explanation go without the defendants being in the courtroom. None of the defendants should have any objections to them sitting in an adjoining room.

– My client wants to get the case over and move on in life. He wants to explain himself and put this behind him. It is uncertain to what extent he will follow the case further after he has explained himself. We hope that the outcome in court will be something he can live with, says the development assistance lawyer.

The accused man denies all charges

All those involved in the case know each other from a long time ago.

Two of the three accused men, both in their 20s, are also accused of storing 85 grams of cocaine in a basement shed at the same address where the kidnapping and abuse took place.

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The two men are also charged with possession of 36,800 kroner, which the police believe stems from criminal activity, presumably drug offenses.

– My client denies criminal guilt for rape, as described in the indictment. But he admits guilt for kidnapping, violence and drug crimes, says one of the men in the 20s’ defender, Morten Furuholmen to Nettavisen.

The man in his 30s denies criminal guilt for all the charges.

Nettavisen has not succeeded in getting a comment from the defender of the other man in his 20s, lawyer Nils Christian Nordhus.

Nor has State Attorney Aud Kinsarvik Gravås responded to our inquiries.


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