Killed girlfriend, married own father

Killed girlfriend, married own father
Killed girlfriend, married own father

On Wednesday, 33-year-old Anna Marie Choudhary from West Virginia was sentenced to 40 years in prison for her role in a grotesque murder case that took place in February 2019.

Choudhary’s sister, Amanda Michelle Naylor McClure, killed her boyfriend, John Thomas McGuire, so she could marry her own father, Larry Paul McClure (55).

The 55-year-old is said to have “dated” Amanda while they both lived in Minnesota, and were sentenced to life for the murder in July, a month after Amanda had pleaded guilty to the premeditated murder of her boyfriend.

Hidden body

It would be seven months from the actual murder until John’s body was found.

The killer was found after Larry told police it was lying. To the local newspaper Bluefield Daily Telegraph, which is reproduced by People, the police have admitted that the trio would have escaped if the cards had not been laid on the table.

Was gathered

In the days before the murder, all four are said to have traveled together to the village of Skygusty, where they tried to boil methamphetamine together, but without success.

During the trial, Choudhary explained that the four had started a “trust game”, in which the now killed man was tied up. Immediately afterwards, he is said to have been hit in the head with a bottle of wine.

The torture is said to have continued for three days, before John was finally strangled with a garbage bag.

In court, Larry admitted that he had exposed the victim to “two or three days of hell.”

While Larry is serving a life sentence for premeditated murder, Amanda has also been sentenced to 40 years in prison, which is the highest sentence possible for premeditated murder.

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