Easter weather – Warns Easter tourists: – Go home today

Easter weather – Warns Easter tourists: – Go home today
Easter weather – Warns Easter tourists: – Go home today

The Easter weather has been relatively mild in several places in the country, but from Sunday onwards more people will have to settle for lower temperatures and more wind.

It could create trouble for Easter tourists returning home from the mountains, warns on-duty meteorologist Bente Wahl at the Meteorological Institute.

– In Western Norway and Central Norway, there will be snow, hailstorms, wind and a lot of waves along the coast. It is a real storm we are expecting on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, she says to Dagbladet.

Warns Easter tourists

– What will this mean for Easter tourists who will return home from the mountains?

– The most important thing is that it will be troublesome on the mountain passes from tomorrow. They should have gone home today. Roads and column driving can quickly become closed.

– We have sent out a danger warning for snow in Western Norway, and a snowdrift warning on the mountain. There will be strong winds as well.

In several places in northern Norway there will also be snow and snow showers, especially in Nordland.

– Helgeland gets the most snow in northern Norway, where it can certainly be 15 to 20 centimeters. There will be refills of snow in many places in the country, but it is Western Norway and Central Norway that get the most weather, says Wahl.

– Troms will probably also get some snow showers, but it is below the danger warning limit, she says.

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Lower temperatures

Eastern Norway, however, escapes the great change of weather.

– Eastern Norway does not receive any significant precipitation, but there may be a little more clouds. It will probably be colder at night, and maybe a little colder during the day.

– But it is spring, so it will be mostly plus degrees during the day. In Bergen it creeps down to zero degrees, and in Trondheim it will be a few degrees below zero and snow.

There will also be no major weather change in Sørlandet, but there may be snow west of Agder, the meteorologist states.

– It will probably come mostly as rain, but there may be some snow, Wahl says.

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