Corona vaccine: – Marianne received vaccine:

Corona vaccine: – Marianne received vaccine:
Corona vaccine: – Marianne received vaccine:

On Tuesday, Marianne was offered a corona vaccine in the Old Oslo district, she tells Dagbladet. She says she was surprised because she believes it was not her turn to get vaccinated.

Marianne is under 40 years old, and says that she does not work as a health professional, has not registered in the municipality’s vaccination register and that she is not in the risk groups.

However, she says that she was told at the vaccination center that she was in the risk groups.

– I have a slightly ambivalent feeling, almost tragicomic. I am of course happy to be started with the vaccination, but at the same time I get a slightly bad taste in my mouth because I know that there are many others who both should and should have received the vaccine before me, says Marianne to Dagbladet.

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The health service explains

Communication consultant Kjartan Sverdrup at the Health Service in Oslo says on a general basis that the municipality relates to lists from GPs.

– The vaccination centers relate to lists from GPs when they call in people in the risk group for vaccination, he says to Dagbladet and continues:

– There are many residents waiting for vaccines and Oslo has many GPs, so it is a large apparatus with lists. One must expect that there will be some such stories, but this is about private individuals’ health information, which the GP has submitted. It is good that people report and then meet until the hour they have been given anyway. We are concerned with getting rid of the vaccination as effectively as possible.

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Marianne says that it was Tuesday morning that she was called and asked if she could come to the vaccination center and take a corona vaccine at 19.10 the same evening. Dagbladet has seen text messages from the municipality that support Marianne’s story.

– “Wow”, I thought. I was surprised to receive the offer. Firstly, I had not familiarized myself with how to be contacted to get vaccine offers, and secondly, I did not think it was my turn at the time, says Marianne and continues:

– At the same time, I knew that there were many who had refused to receive corona vaccine due to the Easter holidays, and thought that it might have something to do with it.

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The risk groups

She also says that when she arrived at the vaccination center, she was told that she was registered in the risk groups.

– I asked why I was in the risk groups, but only got the answer that the municipality had received that information via the GP, she says and continues:

– I thought: “Am I actually in the risk groups?” Then I called my GP, who apparently without looking up in any medical records or the like told me that even healthy people are vaccinated, and that it is reported as a deviation.

Marianne is familiar with the Norwegian Institute of Public Health’s list of conditions and diseases that make one defined as being in the risk groups, and says that she herself is not covered by this.

In conclusion, Marianne says that she will show up at the agreed time to take the second dose.

– I will show up at the agreed time to take dose two, and I will not call the municipality and tell them that I am not in the risk group. On the one hand, I think that you use up their time if you do not show up at the agreed time, but on the other hand, it is clear that it was not my turn yet.

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Sudden offer

On Thursday, communications adviser Sverdrup at the Health Service in Oslo told Dagbladet that very few people have been offered a vaccine, even though it is not their turn according to the National Institute of Public Health’s order of priority.

This may occur as a result of the registration form for vaccination, which was established in Oslo municipality earlier this week.

– In the main, we call in people in accordance with FHI’s order of priority. This means that in the Old Oslo district, for example, where we have come to priority group 4, which includes people in the age group 65 to 74 years and people in the risk groups, we will call in other people in this group who have registered for vaccination, said Sverdrup to Dagbladet.

– But there have also been a very few cases of us calling in people from other groups. For example, if it is 9 pm in the evening, and the vaccine doses are about to reach their expiry date, then we may call right up until someone answers. It’s almost like winning the lottery.

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