‘Life that goes on, makes another child’: Henry Borel’s father reveals Jairinho’s coldness | Brazil

‘Life that goes on, makes another child’: Henry Borel’s father reveals Jairinho’s coldness | Brazil
‘Life that goes on, makes another child’: Henry Borel’s father reveals Jairinho’s coldness | Brazil
Renan Olaz / CMRJ Disclosure
Councilor Dr. Jairinho is the stepfather of the boy Henry Borel, who died on March 10

Engineer Leniel Borel, 37, father of the boy Henry Borel, who died in the early hours of March 8 in Barra da Tijuca, West Zone, said this Friday (2) in an interview with VEJA magazine, that he has no doubts that the child’s mother’s boyfriend, councilor Dr. Jairinho, is to blame for the son’s death.

“I have no doubt that Dr. Jairinho
is guilty. That night at the hospital, he was with the doctors who tried to save Henry all the time. He’s very cold. As soon as my son’s death was decreed, Dr. Jairinho came close to me and, in front of a person from the church I attend and a friend of mine, said: “Let’s turn this page, life goes on. Make another child” .

Still during the interview, Leniel says he just wants to know the truth, as he left his son in perfect condition with his mother. “How could a healthy child have so many serious injuries just from falling out of bed?” father

The engineer also mentions that his son has already complained that Dr. Jairinho hurt him when he was going to hug him: “everything changed as soon as she (Henry’s mother) went to her boyfriend’s (Jairinho) apartment. Right on the first weekend. Henry said to me, “Daddy, the uncle hurts me. The uncle gives me a very strong hug, but Mom said it is a dream “. I immediately called Monique, who claimed that this was the invention of his head”, he continues.

Leniel also says that after the son’s complaint, he called Monique and said he wanted to talk to the councilman about Henry: “when I went to give him back to his mother, I asked him to call the apartment, because I wanted to talk to him. Then he he went down to the lobby and I said that my son was complaining about some very strong hugs, which hurt him. Dr. Jairinho replied: “But your son asks hug
“. Then I told him that I didn’t want to know about a strong or weak hug. He reacted well, he wasn’t hostile and ended up there. I also told Monique that Henry was complaining that he didn’t want to be left alone with that man. She ensured that this was not happening “.

When asked if he considered trying to ask for the child’s custody in court after his son’s complaints, Leniel said that he regrets not taking drastic measures, but that he never imagined that this “monstrosity” would happen.

“I know there was no way to predict that a monstrosity would happen to my son, but I blame myself for not taking a more drastic measure. I even talked to Monique a few times that if he continued to complain that he was being hurt by this uncle, I was going to take him to do a body examination and go to court. The point is that although he increasingly rejected the house of his mother and Dr. Jairinho, my son did not show any marks on his body. week he had a nose wound. I asked him what it was, but I couldn’t say. I was afraid of raising such a serious suspicion, not being confirmed in the exam and losing the right to see Henry “.

As for the possible participation of the ex-wife in the death
Leniel’s son says he came to believe that Monique Medeiros could be involved in the crime because she didn’t look desperate and wanted the child’s funeral to be quick and with the coffin closed.

“Which mother would not be desperate and struggling to know what happened to her son ?. At all times, since that dawn, she only shows that she wants to protect Dr. Jairinho. I don’t know if she is directly involved in death or afraid of the power that claims to have “, he says.

O engineer
he also reports that he began to find the story strange, when the couple said that while he was in the car to take Henry to the hospital, it was Monique who tried to revive his son with mouth-to-mouth breathing, and not Jairinho
, who in this case, has a degree in medicine.

“For me the yellow light came on when they said that Dr. Jairinho had been driving to the hospital that morning, while she was doing mouth-to-mouth breathing. What do you mean, he is not the doctor? I never knew in ten years that I lived with this woman that she had any experience in first aid. I started to wonder there. After my son died, the Monique
he also put pressure on me to speed up the burial “, he continues.

Leniel said that when he went to solve the bureaucratic problems to bury his son, the ex wife
he was in a hurry so that everything could be resolved soon.
“Monique kept calling and texting me to speed up everything, that I wanted him to be buried fast and with a closed coffin. I explained that there was no way, that my son would have a wake and that I had the right to give him the last kiss”, said.

The father revealed that the record that Henry died only fell when he received the medical report that indicated liver laceration and internal hemorrhage caused by blunt action: “Until then I was blaming myself, thinking that he had died from some bad formation or had a heart attack. And that I had been negligent when he cried desperately not to go to his mother’s house. Dr. Jairinho
he did everything to prevent my son from undergoing necropsy. I wonder why?”.

When finished, Leniel
he said that he lives for justice: “it is not because someone knows this or that sicrano or has much power that he can go unpunished. My son did not die in vain. I will not let it be another case with impunity. I just want the truth.”

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