Vaccination is suspended on holiday due to lack of doses

Vaccination is suspended on holiday due to lack of doses
Vaccination is suspended on holiday due to lack of doses
The Federal District suspended vaccination against covid-19 today (2) and on Sunday (4) for not having enough vaccines to apply the first dose. The information was released by the Health Department itself. Other capitals have also stopped immunization campaigns in recent days.

To date, more than 18 million Brazilians have taken the first dose of the covid-19 vaccine. This represents 8.78% of the entire population of the country. Check below how is the vaccination in the states:

federal District

Yesterday (1) the secretary of health of the DF, Osnei Okumoto, guaranteed that the vaccination would happen during the holiday. However, this was not the case. On Saturday three drive-thrus will work, only for the elderly aged 66, who need to take the second dose.

This week, the Ministry of Health sent 116 thousand doses to the DF. Of these, 1.1 thousand will be destined for the first dose. Another 2.3 thousand will be used to vaccinate the professionals of the Military, Civil and Federal police, Detran, Fire Department. There is still no date to start vaccinating this public.

Large field

Vaccination in the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul was interrupted on Wednesday (31) after the doses ran out – more than 4 thousand were applied on the date alone. After the arrival of new doses yesterday, immunization was resumed this afternoon.


It was suspended this Tuesday (30) the application of the first dose of the vaccine in the age group between 65 and 69 years. Despite this, the city hall scheduled the vaccination of 67-year-olds for yesterday (1st) and tomorrow (3), but without informing when vaccination for the rest of the range will be resumed.


Vaccination was suspended today (2) due to lack of new doses. The state of Santa Catarina received more than 300,000 doses yesterday, but they have not yet been distributed to municipalities.


The city of Goiânia suspended vaccination on Wednesday (31) also for lack of new doses and announced that the application in people aged 65 or over, who already ran in the state, would be interrupted during the holiday.

The expectation is that immunization will be resumed on Monday (5).

White River

Vaccination in the elderly aged 62 or over was suspended yesterday (1st) due to lack of new doses.

“In the end of the afternoon our vaccines for the first dose ran out and we will have to wait for the Ministry of Health to send new doses. A forecast that we have closer is for Wednesday (7) and we will wait”, declared the Secretary of Health of Rio Branco, Frank Lima, in a video published by the folder.

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