US President “devastated” after Capitol Attack

US President “devastated” after Capitol Attack
US President “devastated” after Capitol Attack
“Jill and I are devastated to hear about the violent attack at a security checkpoint on the US Capitol”, says Joe Biden, in a statement, ordering that flags in federal public buildings be placed at half-mast.

One police officer died and another was seriously injured in the aftermath of the attack, which came less than three months after Donald Trump’s supporters attacked U.S. Congressional headquarters.

“We know how difficult times are for the Capitol, for all those who work there and for those who protect it”, regretted Joe Biden.

According to the chief of police of the capital of the United States, Yogananda Pittman, in a press conference, a driver hit two agents with his car before he hit a security barrier.

“At that moment, the suspect got out of the car with a knife in his hand and started walking towards the Capitol police,” said Yogananda Pittman.

The police chief said the driver of the car still managed to stab one of the officers before he was shot. “One of the two injured policemen died,” said Yogananda Pittman.

According to the police, the driver of the vehicle was still transported to the hospital, where he died. The chief of police of the capital of the United States also said that this incident does not appear to be related to terrorism.

The incident occurred on Friday afternoon, on Washington Avenue, on Constitution Avenue, and all Capitol buildings and adjacent streets were closed.

Capitol security remains a priority, despite the recent reduction in some of the additional protective measures that were put in place after the January 6 invasion by supporters of Donald Trump, in which five people died.


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