Nurses report reactions after reports of vaccination fraud

Nurses report reactions after reports of vaccination fraud
Nurses report reactions after reports of vaccination fraud
Filming vaccination against covid-19 today is not just to celebrate the immunization of the elderly and people at risk. It is also a kind of inspection, after the release of videos that show professionals falsely applying the doses.

To Twitter, nurses from two health posts in the city of São Paulo narrate greater distrust and hostility on the part of the population. The reported cases are investigated by the municipal secretariats, responsible for the application of the doses, and by the CREs (Regional Councils of Nursing).

People are watching more. They ask to look at the syringe, film, watch the video at the same time. Some just want to check if the dose was applied correctly, others are more rude, speak up even before vaccinating. We are always as professional as possible.
UBS Nurse

According to this nurse responsible for vaccination in a UBS (basic health unit) in the west of the capital, cases of hostility have increased with the circulation of videos showing incorrect application in the elderly.

In some, professionals pretend to apply the dose, but the immunizer remains in the ampoule. In others, the liquid is poured after the needle has left the citizen’s arm. Cases are being reported in different regions, such as Goiânia and Maceió, e its circulation is stimulated even by parliamentarians.

“People are suspicious and think you are a villain, but you are just doing your job. Nobody wants to harm anyone’s life,” said a nursing technician from another BHU in São Paulo.

According to her, this month, a man presented himself as a lawyer and said that he would “sue one by one” if the doses on his mother were not applied properly.

At UBS Sé, in the center of São Paulo, the movement is calmer and the employees said they did not notice a difference. “We received the videos, the coordination says to be careful, but we did not have any occurrences,” said a professional.

At the vaccination point in the Vale do Anhangabaú region, also in the center, it was different. According to a nursing assistant, a man even threatened a screaming colleague because he believed that the vaccine in a family member had not been applied correctly.

“She showed the syringe, but he insisted that it had not been applied properly, that he wanted to see another dose at the moment. The security guard and the coordinator had to come to calm him down,” he said. Around the scene, several people filmed, according to the professional.

Amid the pressure, a nursing assistant asks citizens to be patient and take their precautions, but trust the professionals. “It doesn’t have to be rude because it won’t help. We just get more nervous, we are human,” said the young woman, who said she evaluated that some cases may occur due to carelessness, and not bad faith.

“It is essential to emphasize that suspicious cases correspond to a tiny fraction of the more than 15 million doses already applied”, declared Cofen (Federal Council of Nursing) to the Twitter.

“We just want to say that these people [retratadas no vídeo] do not represent the category. If they did it on purpose, we hope that they will be punished, because that is not right “, completed the nurse at the UBS in the West Zone.

Federal Council has already registered 33 complaints

As of this week, Cofen has registered 33 complaints across the country, which are being investigated by regional councils. According to the agency, the penalty “varies according to the case” and, if it is proven bad faith, it can result in the forfeiture of the right to practice.

“To ensure more transparency and safety, we advise professionals to carry out all stages of immunization against covid-19 before the patient, from the aspiration of the immunizing agent to the disposal of the material”, declared the agency, which guides the population to look for the respective regional council in case of doubtful practice.

The complaint does not always proceed. According to the São Paulo City Hall, the SMS (Municipal Health Secretariat) received three complaints, which were investigated and “no application failures were found”.

“SMS has constantly reinforced so that professionals carry out vaccination within the best practices of administration of immunobiologicals. It is also recommended to ask patients and companions to visualize the entire vaccination process”, informed the agency, to the Twitter.

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