Brazilian vaccinated in the USA says he maintains a routine of isolation and wearing a mask: ‘It doesn’t prevent you from carrying the virus’ | Itapetininga and Region

March came to an end as the deadliest month in Brazil since the pandemic began. Even so, vaccination against Covid-19 is progressing slowly in the country. On the other side of the continent, in the United States, the Brazilian Antoni Correa, from Itararé (SP), had the privilege of being immunized against the disease at the age of 27.

The businessman, who has lived in Boston, Massachusetts, for four years, received a single dose of the vaccine from Johnson & Johnson on March 26. However, despite being immune and never having contracted the coronavirus, he says he intends to continue following the guidelines for preventing the disease.

“I will continue working from home, wearing a mask and following all the measures indicated by the government. Being immunized protects you if you get the disease, but it does not prevent you from carrying the virus and transmitting it to other people”, he reinforces.

According to Antoni, some restrictions continue to be adopted in Boston to prevent a new wave of Covid-19, although a little lighter due to vaccination.

“Limited number of people in bars and restaurants, etc. However, it is much less intense than when we were at the height of the pandemic,” he explains.

2 of 3 Antoni Correa, from Itararé (SP), has lived in the USA for four years – Photo: Antoni Correa / Personal archive

Antoni Correa, from Itararé (SP), has lived in the USA for four years – Photo: Antoni Correa / Personal archive

The North American country, which occupies the first place in the ranking of deaths from the disease, announced that it intends to vaccinate 90% of adults by April 19. According to a survey by the Bloomberg agency, at least 146 million doses have already been applied in the United States, enough for more than 22% of the population.

Meanwhile, in Brazil, the vaccination campaign is still in the first phase, which includes groups at risk of the disease, such as health professionals and the elderly. According to the departments of Health, the country has applied 23,807,845 doses of vaccine so far.

3 of 3 USA announced that they intend to vaccinate 90% of adults by April 19 – Photo: Shannon Stapleton / Archive / Reuters

The United States has announced that it plans to vaccinate 90% of adults by April 19 – Photo: Shannon Stapleton / Archive / Reuters

Even away from home, the businessman closely monitors the situation of the pandemic in Brazil and comments on the fact that he was immunized before some family members who live in the country and who are older than him.

“It is very difficult to know that I am away from them and that they have not yet been vaccinated, but I know that they are taking care of themselves and not leaving the house. They are aware that they need to protect themselves. I can’t wait for them to be completely protected” , account.

For Antoni, unlike Brazil, the United States prepared for vaccination and has been performing very well in relation to the rest of the world because of that.

“The American government helped its people financially, organized vaccines quickly and effectively, never questioned the vaccine’s veracity, always took the virus very seriously and took drastic measures, such as closing the trade in the beginning, which really helped to give a controlled company in the cases, but always giving support to people “, he adds.

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