After crisis, Army publishes image of commanders reunited

After crisis, Army publishes image of commanders reunited
After crisis, Army publishes image of commanders reunited

After the crisis between President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) with the Minister of Defense, Eduardo Azevedo, and the three commanders of the Armed Forces who left in response to the sudden resignation of the minister, the Army published on Friday an image of the generals Villas Bôas, Edson Pujol and Paulo Sérgio gathered.

“Former, current and future Commander of the Army of Caxias: unbreakable bonds of respect, camaraderie and loyalty”, pointed out the Army in the publication, which shows the military smiling while talking.

The succession of the Army has been carefully monitored by Congress since the abrupt departure of former defense minister, Eduardo Azevedo, on Monday. According to R7 sources, he refused to demonstrate public demonstrations to reinforce the president’s positions, as was done by General Villas Boas.

The day after the resignation, it was the turn of the three commanders of the Armed Forces hand over the positions: Edson Pujol, from the Army, Antônio Carlos Moretti Bermudez, from the Air Force, and Ilques Barbosa Júnior, from the Navy. They also did not support a position of political alignment with the president.

They will be replaced in the next few days by others three names announced by the new minister of Defense, Braga Netto: General Paulo Sérgio (Army), Lieutenant-Brigadier Carlos Almeida Baptista Junior (Air Force) and Admiral Almir Garnier Santos (Navy).

In the announcement, Braga Netto, however, declared that the Armed Forces were attentive to their mission as state institutions, which will respect the Constitution during the confrontation of the worst phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, “the biggest challenge in Brazil” today, in the words of the minister.

“Navy, Brazilian Army and Armed Forces remain faithful to their constitutional missions to defend their homeland, guarantee constitutional powers and democratic freedoms. On this historic day, I reinforce that the greatest asset of a nation is the guarantee of democracy and freedom for its people, “he said at the ceremony.

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