Isa Penna case: “Whoever suffers harassment becomes a star”, says Cury’s wife – 4/2/2021

Fernando Cury’s wife (Citizenship), Renata Meneguella Cury, came out in defense of her husband the day after a Alesp (Legislative Assembly of São Paulo), in a unanimous decision, to have extended the sentence of removal of the state deputy from three to six months, for having sexually harassed colleague Isa Penna (PSOL).
The state deputy of Citizenship will be six months away for touching Isa Penna (PSOL)

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The deputy was touched by Cury in the plenary, in December, and registered a police report against him for sexual harassment and reported him to the Ethics Council of the House for breach of decorum, as revealed by UOL. It is the first time that a legislative house in the country has punished a case of harassment against a woman. With the decision, the deputy of Cury, Father Afonso Lobato (PV), takes over the position, who may exonerate the employees of the colleague’s office. Cury will be without a salary during the period and his office without a budget.

post by renata cury defending her husband, deputy Fernando Cury (Citizenship) - Reproduction / Facebook - Reproduction / Facebook

In her post, Renata Cury insinuates that Congresswoman Isa Penna victimizes herself to gain spotlight

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On her Facebook page, Renata Cury said she was “Fernando to the end”, that she is proud of her husband and that she is “relieved with the suspension and very grateful to God for taking him out of this medium for 180 days” and leaving him in home with the family. “To those who wanted to hear from me and who expected condemnation and judgment, unfortunately for vcs here is a real woman! ”

In her post, the financial marketer criticized women who denounce harassment and said she no longer considered herself a feminist. “Females, when convenient, are ‘blinded’ and come together to raise flags,” he said. “Tworked 15 years in an institution and I saw so much, in fact, I think I suffered [assédio], but, I remembered situations that I resolved so simply. Whoever suffers harassment is indignant, does not open wide [a situação] and becomes a star. I also remembered how many times in life a man made mistakes and apologized to me and how many times did i answer ‘what is this, it was nothing!’. “

post by renata cury defending her husband, deputy Fernando Cury (Citizenship) - Reproduction / Facebook - Reproduction / Facebook

Deputy Cury’s wife said it would be good for her husband to stay away from an environment like Alesp’s

Image: Playback / Facebook

Renata also made the same insinuations that fellow deputies of her husband made about Isa, saying that the parliamentarian would behave inappropriately because, among other things, she appeared dancing funk on her social networks. “Feminism for me is to know how to position and resolve. In fact, always have posture! That for me is to be a woman. This ‘feminism’ that becomes convenient when it becomes victim is shameful. When think that it must ‘roll to the ground’ … Rotten! Feminist who does not accept excuse, puts the knife in her throat and screams for sangue! Isso for me is ridiculous! ”

After being sought by all, Renata Cury blocked access to your Facebook post.

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