Dead man found in Oslo apartment

Last year, a man in his late 60s was found dead in a block of flats east of Oslo. The man had been dead for nine years, the police inform NRK.

– We have thought a lot about it, my colleagues and people who have worked with this for many years. This is a special case, and it makes us ask questions about how it could happen, says police chief Grete Lien Metlid in the Oslo police to NRK.

Based on findings in the apartment, the police assume that the man died in April 2011.

The invisible

The man was found when a caretaker entered the apartment in connection with maintenance work. The autopsy showed that the man died of natural causes.

– Based on the picture we have, it is obviously a person who has chosen to have little contact with others, says Lien Metlid.

You can not point a finger at anyone for such cases to occur, says professor of sociology Arne Krokan at NTNU.

– It is a kind of powdered responsibility. In a way, it is the price we have paid to get digital services, says Krokan.


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