Henry case: Police treat mother and stepfather as investigated of boy’s death

Henry case: Police treat mother and stepfather as investigated of boy’s death
Henry case: Police treat mother and stepfather as investigated of boy’s death

The Civil Police are already treating Monique Medeiros and Dr. Jairinho as being investigated for the death of the boy Henry Borel, 4 years old. The boy’s mother and stepfather did not attend the simulated reproduction held on Thursday (1st). The information is from G1.

For four hours, agents staged what may have happened on March 8, when the boy was found dead by his mother in his room. The simulated reproduction report should come out next week, with information that will determine the direction of the investigation.

Also according to G1, the medical examiner’s report describes that the child suffered multiple hematomas in the abdomen and upper limbs, hemorrhagic infiltration in the frontal, lateral and upper parts of the head, large amount of blood in the abdomen, contusion in the kidney and trauma with pulmonary contusion.

The reconstruction took into account the testimonies with the versions of Henry’s stepfather and mother, and the chances of accidental falls in the room where the boy was healthy: a jump from the desk, a fall from the armchair, a jump from the bed to the floor or a fall from its own height.

According to expert Nelson Massini, “the expertise will include the possibility that the injuries are compatible with the fall from any of these heights”.

Remember the case

Henry Borel Medeiros, 4, arrived dead in a private hospital in Rio de Janeiro last March 8. The autopsy report pointed out that Henry was the victim of internal bleeding and liver laceration, in addition to injuries such as bruises, bruises, edema and contusions on the body.

The case is still under investigation by the police. The agents have already collected the testimony of the boy’s mother, father and stepfather, in addition to more than 14 witnesses, who include the child’s employees and neighbors.

In the testimony of Monique Medeiros, the boy’s mother, and Jairzinho, both confirmed that after, according to them, the boy had a drop in temperature and difficulty breathing, they took him to the hospital. However, the three pediatric doctors who attended Henry at Hospital Barra D’Or, in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro, said that the 4-year-old child had already arrived at the medical center dead.

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