Viih discusses with Juliette about invitation from the leader’s room

In the colorful room of “BBB 21”, during the dawn of today, Viih Tube had a great time with Juliette and Thaís about the decision of who will sleep with her in the room of the leader of the Rede Globo reality show.

“How did you define it?” Asked Camilla de Lucas. “They defined nothing, really,” said Viih Tube. “He did. Victoria said she wanted two people only in bed,” commented Juliette.

Viih Tube, then, interrupted her sister to tell her that she only asked for one more person to sleep in bed at dawn today due to her physical tiredness due to the 14 hours of dispute in the leader’s race.

No. I said that today I am in a lot of pain, I’m tired. I think there are three beds left and there is no problem two in the bed and if Camilla wants it on the floor. And then, starting tomorrow, we sleep in five, ten and as many as we can fit there. I just said I wanted it today. You are being rebellious.

“No. You said that,” said Juliette. “I didn’t say it was Thaís that I wanted. I said that only today I wanted to sleep in two in bed because there are three beds left here. No problem and tomorrow more people will sleep there. It wasn’t bad. replied Viih Tube.

After a few minutes of weather, Viih Tube arrived in Thaís and Juliette to find out if they would go with her to the leader’s room.

Are you going to stay a little longer, Thaís? By the way, do you decide between yourselves?

“Juliette, decide,” asked Thaís, but Juliette paid little attention. Viih Tube was irritated. “Oh, are you going to do a tantrum, a childish rebellion of ‘spoiled’? Then, I’m going to be angry”, he shot.

Faced with the nudge, Juliette played the decision of who should go to the room for Viih Tube. “Friend, we don’t have to decide. You say ‘let’s sleep over there’. One is going to take over the other,” he said.

“I said, ‘whoever wants to go, let’s go’,” replied Viih Tube. “What if everyone wants to go?” asked Juliette. “Then, you decide. I already set up the VIP. You who fight and make up your mind”, fired Viih Tube. “Do we decide?” Asked Juliette again. “Come on, Juliette. You can go. It doesn’t matter and tomorrow I will”, concluded Thaís.

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