The iPhone has an average of 45 GB more storage than the Android

The iPhone has an average of 45 GB more storage than the Android
The iPhone has an average of 45 GB more storage than the Android
The storage space on a smartphone is increasingly an important factor. Its capacity already weighs a lot when choosing a new model, being the selection made by those with the greatest volume present to users.

This choice is logical, with everything smartphones today offer. The result has been a growth, but what is seen now is that the iPhone has an average of 45 GB more storage than Android offers in this area.


With increasingly capable hardware, smartphones tend to need more storage. Aware of this need, brands tend to present proposals such as the 1 TB that Samsung debuted with the S10 Plus in 2019. Apple, however, maintains the iPhone with a maximum of 512 GB.

It is in this scenario that, at the end of 2020, the average of 100 GB of storage on smartphones was exceeded. Despite this value, the iOS and Android distribution is not the same. Thus, and at the end of 2020, we had an average of 140.9 GB on iOS versus 95.7 GB on Android, with annual growth of 5.6% and 20.5%, respectively.

The graph presented reveals the history of difference between these 2 platforms over the years. Apple has been more stagnant in growth, which has been clearly dominated by Android, The difference between platforms is being reduced and is now 45.2 GB on average.

The information presented showed that the choice of larger capacities is higher in the Apple ecosystem. At the end of 2020 the percentage of iPhone users with smartphones with larger capacities (256 GB or more) was 21.5%, on Android this figure was only 7.5%.

This difference in values ​​between iOS and Android will have several associated factors. The most logical, and most often used is the difference in the platform proposals. At the same time, the much larger offer in the Android universe means that smartphones with smaller capacities are preferred.

With memory and storage getting cheaper and cheaper, this scenario was expected to change. Still, growth has been slow and is unlikely to change this year. The 100 GB is out of date and this seems to represent a barrier that should take a long time to be overcome.

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