“I’m not going to hit the blind man …”

“I’m not going to hit the blind man …”
“I’m not going to hit the blind man …”
Joana Albuquerque was the big winner of the “Big Brother Duplo Impacto” that had its final outcome last Saturday, March 27th. The victory of the “beta” in Cascais, with a very wide margin, left no doubt and relegated the “ex-boyfriend” Bruno Savate to the second place.

The relationship of the two ex-contestants, who fell in love at Ericeira’s house, gave a lot to talk about, and now outside the game Bruno and Joana are ‘back to back’.

After the episode in which the northerner stopped following Joana on social networks, which was commented with humor by the former competitor, Joana returned to talk about the topic in an interview with Hiper Fm. Asked about her relationship with Bruno Savate, Joana answered clearly and bluntly: “Does not exist!”, began by declaring, amidst laughter. “Stayed in the game”, then shot.

About the future, Joana was clear again: “He finished! I will not be insisting with someone who has said several times that he does not want to talk to me, I will not be sending a thousand messages… I even made a joke with him, because he stopped following me, and I sent him a message to say ‘stab’, and he didn’t even answer me so I’m not going to be here hitting the blind man. I’m not a fool either, am I? ”.

Watch at minute 18:

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