Grocery, Shops | Several stores are illegally open: – We lose customers if we are closed and others have open stores

Despite the ban on Easter-open shops, a number of grocery stores of more than 100 m² still choose to blow the rules.

(Avisa Oslo): Avisa Oslo has been made aware that several independent grocery stores in Oslo are open during the holidays. One of them is the Istanbul supermarket at Hauketo.

Owner Ridvan Akinci says he was not familiar with the rule that shops over 100 m² must be closed on public holidays, and that he has only done as a number of other shops in the area.

– It is difficult to close the store when the others nearby are open, he says.

– We lose customers if we stay closed and others have open stores.

– Actually, I also want time off, he adds.

Do not know the rules

Akinci says the store at Hauketo is about 180 m².

After Avisa Oslo pointed out that the store is too large to be open on public holidays, Akinci decided to close.

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– I will close the store as soon as I can. The fruit and vegetable area is about 80 m², and there are goods that do not stick. I keep it open, I close the rest of the store.

– Never heard of

Mortensrud Bazaar also has open doors on Good Friday. The store is a full 600 m², but owner Meltem Yildrim also does not say he was aware that the store is too big to keep open.

– I’ve never heard of that. I have also never received any feedback that the store will be closed on public holidays. The store was built into the center here at Mortensrud in a way that made it possible to stay open just on holidays.

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Yildrim also points out that a number of other similar shops are always open on public holidays.

– I may try to close off the fruit and vegetable area. It’s smaller, so I can keep it open. If I can get a restraint. All the shops are closed, so it can be a little difficult.

According to Lovdata, it can sting the scrotum if you are caught breaking these regulations. The wording is as follows:

Anyone who intentionally or negligently violates sections 3 to 5 of this Act, or provisions issued pursuant to these sections, shall be punished by fines.

Read more cases from Avisa Oslo here.


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