2nd phase of the de-definition “advances” and puts an end to the restriction. But “caution”

2nd phase of the de-definition “advances” and puts an end to the restriction. But “caution”
2nd phase of the de-definition “advances” and puts an end to the restriction. But “caution”
EThese are some of the essential points of the second phase of the deconfinition plan that goes into effect next Monday, April 5th. “We can advance”, Prime Minister António Costa announced this Thursday, after meeting the Council of Ministers.

There are still (several) “cautions” and there are 19 counties above the risk threshold, that is, above 120 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants in the last 14 days, six of which are even above 240 new cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, in the same period.

Also, pay attention. It will again be allowed to circulate between municipalities, but only from the 6th, the ban currently in effect remains until 11:59 pm on the 5th.

More students in face-to-face classes

You 2nd and 3rd cycle students resume face-to-face classes on Monday, joining 1st cycle students and children in daycare centers and pre-school, who had already returned to school on March 15th.

O 2nd and 3rd cycle students’ return is accompanied by the reopening of Leisure Activities aimed at these students.

Permission to move between municipalities

The ban on movement between municipalities on the continent will not be in effect in the fortnight after Easter, after the current application of the measure, which ends on Monday. O Prime Minister confirmed that circulation will be allowed again during the week and on weekends.

The ban on driving between the 278 municipalities on the continent has already been applied several times in the context of combating the Covid-19 pandemic.

The measure is currently in effect, in this Easter period, since last Friday (26th) and until 11:59 pm on Monday (5th).

Reopen terraces and street stores up to 200 square meters

You restaurants, pastries and outdoor cafes can reopen on Monday, with groups limited to four people, but the prime minister recommended that “all precautions” be maintained, including wearing a mask when not eating or drinking.

The terraces can operate until 10:30 pm during the week and until 1:00 pm on weekends and holidays.

On Monday, April 5, the stores with a door to the street less than 200 square meters no longer have to sell to the wicket and they are now able to have their doors open to the public, so that, according to the rotation and the rules of the Directorate-General for Health, they can provide face-to-face assistance.

With the opening of these stores, hypermarkets are now able to sell all products without restrictions, as issues of unfair competition cease to exist.

Museums, monuments, palaces and art galleries reopen

From Monday on, it will be possible to visit museums, monuments, palaces and archaeological or similar sites, national, regional and municipal, public or private, as well as art galleries and exhibition halls.

This equipment closes at 10:30 pm on weekdays and at 1:00 pm on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Gyms reopen with limitations

In this second phase of lack of definition, the gyms, but not yet authorized for group classes. A group outdoor physical activity is allowed, but with a limit of four people per group.

The practice of sports modalities considered to be of low risk also returns. O public at sporting events remains banned.

Day centers and equipment for the disabled reopen

The day centers and social facilities for the disabled area will reopen next Monday, in compliance with the plan for the second phase of the deconfination plan.

Authorized lift markets and fairs

The operation of fairs and markets is authorized, in addition to fairs and markets for food products, with the authorization of the mayor of the municipality with territorial authority, in accordance with the rules established.

Land border with Spain remains closed

O Prime Minister confirmed that the land border with Spain will remain closed, by mutual agreement, with the exceptions previously foreseen in force.

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