Cape Verde joins the US-managed cybercrime network

Cape Verde joins the US-managed cybercrime network
Cape Verde joins the US-managed cybercrime network
EIn a statement, the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) out-verdiana explains that Cape Verde’s accession to the Cybercrime 24/7 was approved on 26 Marchat the request of that PGR, becoming the 89th member of the group.

“It is an informal network created by the G7 and managed by the United States of America, which aims to streamline contacts between States, not replacing, but rather complementing traditional methods of obtaining assistance in the field of evidence electronics“, explains the PGR.

Not communicated, to PGR recalls that Cape Verde is already one of the 65 member states of the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime.

It now has “one more expeditious channel of communication with other States” in “matters of cybercrime“, especially with those not yet part of the Budapest Convention,” being able, in this way, to request expeditious preservation of data for subsequent requests for MLA (Mutual Legal Assistance)”.

He further explains that, “similarly to what happens in the other countries that are also members of both Networks”, the functions of contact point for the exchange of information were assumed by the magistrate placed at the Central Department of Cooperation and Comparative Law of the PGR.

A joint statement by the United States and Cape Verde released on Tuesday atscope the partnership dialogue between the two countries that day, he highlighted the fight against cybercrime, through the informal 24/7 network, to economic crimes and the continuation of joint patrols in waters cape-verdianas.

“Joint operations by maritime security forces will continue to protect Cape Verde’s maritime and territorial integrity and reinforce shared efforts to strengthen security in the Atlânative“, states the joint note released by the Washington State Department.

The statement adds that the two parties have pledged “to assist Cape Verde agencies such as the Judiciary Police to help prevent, investigate and dismantle international criminal networks involved in illicit trafficking and terrorism in the region”.

“Both sides welcomed future engagements between the coast guards of each nation in training, combating illegal, unregistered and unregulated fishing and promoting a rules-based maritime order,” the document also reads.

In the field of security and defense, the parties have undertaken to “seek a MDE [memorando de entendimento] directed to deepen common interests “.

“Possibilities for collaboration were also identified by strengthening the cybersecurity and support Cape Verde’s growth as an ICT platform [tecnologias de informação e comunicação] on Africa Western “.

The two countries also highlighted cooperation in terms of security in ports and airports, committing themselves to “identifying other ways to strengthen bilateral cooperation” in these areas, hoping to execute memoranda of understanding on the operationalization of that cooperation next year.

Topics such as the involvement of the Cape Verdean diaspora were also addressedverdiana in trade and investment or climate change.

The parties also welcomed the signing of the agreement to implement the regime FATCA, to combat tax evasion.

O FATCA it is a North American instrument to combat tax evasion, involving dozens of acceding countries, to curb tax havens, money laundering and support for terrorism, providing sanctions for those who do not integrate.

Non-adherence to FATCA implies a penalty for a 30% withholding tax on various income taxed by the United States.

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