Police, Coronavirus | The police with a clear call to adults: – Do something about the concern

– Not everyone is looking forward to Easter.

(Avisa Oslo): – Many are looking forward to a nice break, but unfortunately not all, says section leader for violence and sexual offenses in the Oslo police, Trude Rønningen.

She does this in a video published on the police district’s Facebook pages.

Rønningen points out that the corona situation makes it extra difficult for the police to pick up situations that are unfortunate for children and young people.

– Do something about the worry in your stomach

– Another slightly different Easter awaits us. Not all children and young people are happy. The police are completely dependent on getting information from you in order to help.

The section leader’s encouragement is for adults “who are in arenas where you meet children and young people”.

Dare to be a good adult who asks, and who is ready to receive whatever may come. If you have a stomach upset, you need to do something about it.

– You must remember that it is not your job to be completely sure. Share your concerns with us in the police or child welfare service. Be a safe adult for someone who needs it.

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Oslo Police District asks anyone who has a concern to report it by calling the police on 02800, or by sending a message to the Internet Patrol on Messenger.

– Ta talk

The organization Av-og-til also shared its concerns for children and young people in connection with this year’s Easter holiday. Especially in situations where young people stay at home while their parents are at the cabin.

The combination of young people and alcohol is dangerous, they wrote in a press release.

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– The risk of accidents increases under the influence of alcohol, and episodes of violence and sex you regret happen more often when you have drunk. We know that alcohol removes inhibitions and inhibits the critical sense. Talk about alcohol and infection control before you pack the ski box, said alcove leader Randi Hagen Eriksrud.

More serious violence

The National Knowledge Center on Violence and Traumatic Stress has also issued warnings about vulnerable children and young people, especially in connection with the recent school closure.

In a study from the shutdown last year, they made startling findings:

– The children who even before the closure were exposed to violence and abuse, experienced that the violence became more serious during the closure.

The researchers encouraged teachers to pay extra attention to the vulnerable children in the class, in addition to pointing out the importance of support functions such as the school health service continuing to follow up those who needed help, despite closed school doors.

Read more cases from Avisa Oslo here.


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