‘My Army does not go to the streets to act against the people’, says Bolsonaro

President Jair Bolsonaro again referred to one of the Armed Forces as “his”, during a live broadcast on Thursday 1, the day after the change in command of the Army, Navy and Air Force.

“My Brazilian Army does not go to the streets to act against the people,” said the president, alongside the new Minister of Citizenship, João Roma.

Bolsonaro criticized the sanitary measures applied by governors and mayors who, according to him, “have more restrictive powers than a state of siege”. The president defended, in particular, the release of religious services. He also asked the Federal Supreme Court to “review certain positions”.

“This excess of absolute power, more than the state of siege, for governors and mayors, this is really not enough for us to admit,” he declared.

“This will be limited one day. You can’t keep these things going and passively watching it. ”

Then, after a speech by the Minister of Citizenship about emergency aid, Bolsonaro complained about the economic effects of the social isolation decrees and said that the Armed Forces will not assist in complying with the measures.

“And I want to repeat it here. My Brazilian Army does not take to the streets to act against the people or to enforce decrees of governors and mayors, ”he said. “My Army, as long as I am president, will not go. What are you waiting for to happen? ”, He added.

The president also defended the appointment of Walter Braga Netto to the Ministry of Defense and rejected criticisms that he is “politicizing” the Armed Forces. The general replaced Fernando Azevedo e Silva as head of the portfolio.

“When [o Ministério da Defesa] it was being equipped with people from PT and PCdoB, nobody said anything ”, he said.

At the end of live, Bolsonaro once again extolled the military dictatorship and cited Roberto Marinho, founder of Organizações Globo, as a supporter of the 1964 coup and criticized the company’s decision to apologize for the position in 2013.

“They violated Mr. Roberto Marinho’s memory,” said Bolsonaro.

He also criticized the establishment of the National Truth Commission, by the government of Dilma Rousseff (PT), created to investigate crimes against humanity committed during the military dictatorship.

“As if you could believe that the PT had some commitment to the truth,” he quipped.


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