Henry case: Dr. Jairinho and mother lack the reconstruction of the boy’s death

Henry case: Dr. Jairinho and mother lack the reconstruction of the boy’s death
Henry case: Dr. Jairinho and mother lack the reconstruction of the boy’s death

Held this Thursday (1st), in the Majestic condominium, in Barra da Tijuca, west zone of Rio de Janeiro, the reconstruction of the boy’s death Henry Borel, 4 years old, lasted four hours, but did not have the presence of Monique Medeiros, the boy’s mother, and Dr. Jairinho, the stepfather. The information is from UOL.

The couple missed the location for guidance from the defense, who had been requesting the postponement of the reconstitution to Justice and had their requests denied.

“We chose to advise them not to participate at all, because over the course of these days we have already filed 22 petitions, making numerous requests. We don’t have access to videos, to countless statements. And what we have been requesting and requesting since then has not been met, ”said the couple’s lawyer, André França.

With the absence of Dr. Jairinho and Monique, a male police officer and a female police officer played their roles. Forensics used a doll with the same characteristics as Henry to represent the boy. In addition to the couple’s apartment, the agents were also at the entrance of the building to carry out the reconstruction.

Also according to UOL, the police said that Dr. Jairinho and Monique can answer for disobedience for not having attended the reconstruction of the boy’s death.

Remember the case

Henry Borel Medeiros, 4, arrived dead in a private hospital in Rio de Janeiro last March 8. The autopsy report pointed out that Henry was the victim of internal bleeding and liver laceration, in addition to injuries such as bruises, bruises, edema and contusions on the body.

The case is still under investigation by the police. The agents have already collected the testimony of the boy’s mother, father and stepfather, in addition to more than 14 witnesses, who include the child’s employees and neighbors.

In the testimony of Monique Medeiros, the boy’s mother, and Jairzinho, both confirmed that after, according to them, the boy had a drop in temperature and difficulty breathing, they took him to the hospital. However, the three pediatric doctors who attended Henry at Hospital Barra D’Or, in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro, said that the 4-year-old child had already arrived at the medical center dead.

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