PF report confirms that ‘vaccine’ taken by BH businessmen was serum

PF report confirms that ‘vaccine’ taken by BH businessmen was serum
PF report confirms that ‘vaccine’ taken by BH businessmen was serum
                                    Scheme was investigated after complaint that group had been secretly immunized                                     

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A report by the Federal Police confirmed that the “vaccines” taken by transport businessmen in Minas Gerais were, in reality, saline. The investigated material was seized at the home of the elderly caregiver Cláudia Mônica Pinheiro Torres de Freitas, who was appointed as responsible for making the applications, according to GloboNews.

“The results of the exams are compatible with the description contained on the product label, that is, that it is a pharmaceutical product called saline (sodium chloride solution)”, points out the report, which was obtained by a report from the broadcaster.

The fake nurse was arrested yesterday. The PF also carried out search and seizure warrants at her home, seizing medical supplies and large amounts of saline.

In addition, her son, Igor Pinheiro, and a man who was on the scene at the time of the operation were arrested in flagrante delicto. All were taken to the PF Superintendence to be heard.

The caregiver appears in a video that was taken by a neighbor from a bus garage. The images would show businessmen and politicians being vaccinated in secrecy, disregarding the country’s priority order. The immunizer would be from Pfizer, according to a report in Piauí magazine, which denounced the scheme. The manufacturer denied and recalled that doses of its vaccine do not even circulate in Brazil yet.


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