“bettor’s personal data is not recorded”

“bettor’s personal data is not recorded”
“bettor’s personal data is not recorded”

SÃO PAULO – A Federal Savings Bank, through its advisory, responded to the notice of the Procon regarding the award of Mega of the Turn 2020, lottery held at the last turn of the year (December 31). According to the note, it is not possible to identify the winner and it is only up to the owner of the winning ticket to request receipt of the jackpot.

“When betting on Casa Lotérica, the bettor’s personal data are not recorded in Caixa’s systems, and so it is also when betting on the internet,” said the note. “Caixa does not record, along with the bet, the identity of the bettor, regardless of the sales channel”.

The award for R $ 162.6 million it could have been withdrawn until Wednesday (31), 90 days after the draw. The amount represents half of the total prize of R $ 325.2 million: two people won Mega da Virada in 2020, with one of the prizes being withdrawn in Aracaju, capital of Sergipe.

Procon-SP filed the notification on Monday (29). “Procon-SP requires that the financial institution identify the consumer who is registered in the system and made the game by electronic means and make the payment of the premium due. It is noteworthy that the bet made through electronic means requires registration and the indication of a credit card as a means of payment ”, wrote the entity, in a note.

“If the identification of the bettor is possible, Caixa cannot comfortably wait for the term to expire and appropriate the money. If the bettor is dead, the prize belongs to his heirs. And if the bet was made electronically, it is the duty of the financial institution to inform if it is not possible to identify its author, ”said Fernando Capez, executive director of Procon-SP.

However, Caixa considers identification measures to be problematic. “These are essential measures adopted by the bank to guarantee the safety and integrity of the Loterias Caixa”, he wrote.

Money goes to education

With this, the R $ 162.6 million will be transferred to the Higher Education Financing Fund (Fies), of the Ministry of Education. According to CAIXA, in 2020, approximately R $ 311.9 million in awards were not redeemed.

To receive the prize, simply present the winning ticket and an identification document in a CAIXA lottery. The numbers drawn at Mega da Virada 2020, on December 31, were: 17 – 20 – 22 – 35 – 41 and 42.

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