Cuba raises concrete flag in front of the US embassy – News

Cuba raised a giant concrete flag in front of the United States embassy in Havana, while hopes of a change in Washington policy under Joe Biden’s government are dashed.

The new work is built in the anti-imperialist Tribune, located in front of the United States embassy, ​​on the edge of the Malecon, a place of great symbolic importance in Cuba.

Neither Granma, the newspaper of the ruling Communist Party (PCC, the only one), nor the official portal Cubadebate, which tends to announce this type of initiative with great fanfare, published a line of the new 12-meter-high structure.

On its Facebook page, the state company Construtora e Manutenção (Ecom), responsible for the work, gave the first clues. “In our anti-imperialist Tribune this monumental work is already being hoisted: our flag, which has never been mercenary and in which a star shines with more light the more lonely,” he said.

The gigantic flag is raised in the same place on the platform where Cuban authorities raised 138 Cuban flags in 2006, a monument against terrorism that was inaugurated by then President Fidel Castro in February 2006. The new structure, still under construction, has generated strong criticisms on social networks.

Donald Trump’s administration reversed the opening to Havana launched by his predecessor Barack Obama and imposed an escalation of sanctions against the island.

Cubans had hoped that this tense relationship would change with Biden’s rise to power but hope is fading, as the island does not appear to be a priority issue for the United States and his government is adamant on the issue of human rights.


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