US Government Announces Investments Against Racism in Various Areas

US Government Announces Investments Against Racism in Various Areas
US Government Announces Investments Against Racism in Various Areas
“SWe realize that for generations disparities in our economy and in our society have made it more difficult for communities of color to have a fair share of the American dream, “said director of the White House Service for Foreign Affairs Intergovernmental, Julie Rodriguez, during a conference with journalists.

“It is time for the investments that have been long awaited to make systemic racism and to rebuild our economy and our social safety net so that everyone can help us. USA to develop their potential “, he said.

This initiative is in the so-called Employment Plan, presented on Wednesday by Joe Biden, with investments in infrastructure and for job creation, which still needs Congressional approval, which includes funds to tackle inequalities in various areas.

According to a White House statement, the plan includes $ 100 billion for workforce development programs target empower minority students ethnic for the most in-demand jobs.

The plan also aims to reduce the distancencia digital, since black and latin families have less access to broadband than white ones.

Another point mentioned by Rodriguez were the infrastructure: “We know that people of color are twice as likely as white people to depend on public transport.”

For this reason, “the plan contemplates the construction of infrastructure transport and more equitable public systems “, he added.

In this sense, it is planned to invest US $ 15 billion in a program that aims to create links between neighborhoods that have historically been badly connected.

Another component of the initiative is to end inequalities in the area of ​​climate change.

On this subject, a leader of the Domestic Policy Council for Equality and Racial Justice, Catherine Lhamon, pointed out, on the same occasion, that the government intends to allocate funds for the protection minorities from the effects of the climate crisis.

“It is three times more likely that black people will die from asthma than white people. One in three Latinos, out of 23 million, live in USA, live in counties where the air is below the public health standards of the EPA (acronym in English from the Agency for USA to the Protection Environment) on ‘smog’ “, he said.

O project it also includes a line of five billion dollars, to be applied over eight years, in programs to reduce firearm violence, 213 billion to facilitate access to housing and 100 billion to build and modernize public schools.

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