BBB21: Fiuk sits in endurance test and production takes almost 2 hours to eliminate it

BBB21: Fiuk sits in endurance test and production takes almost 2 hours to eliminate it
BBB21: Fiuk sits in endurance test and production takes almost 2 hours to eliminate it

With just over two hours of participation in the Leader Proof this Thursday (1st), in the “BBB21“, the singer Fiuk was the first one eliminated from the dispute for sitting between rounds of the competition.

The competition sponsored by C&A consists of keeping the brothers and sisters dancing on a dance floor until the music stops. At that moment, a template appears on the screen with illustrations of them wearing C&A costumes that need to be assembled by them in a small puzzle, within a countdown time.

With less than an hour to go, while the timer was still rolling in one round, Fiuk sat on the edge of the track. He got up and prepared for the next rounds, remaining in the race. About two hours later, the production announced by voice that the singer was eliminated. As soon as he left the track, Fiuk went to the colorful room and cried.

In endurance tests, participants are not allowed to rest, sleep, need, drink water or eat. Whoever fails to comply with these rules, ends up eliminated.

Caio retires

Still recovering from a small fracture in the little toe, Caio abandoned the race shortly after Fiuk’s elimination. The farmer was injured a little over a month ago during a race by the leader and, since then, has been wearing a boot to protect the injury.

On Wednesday afternoon, doctors released the participant from wearing the boot, however he still limps a little while walking due to the recent injury.

Shortly before Fiuk was eliminated, Caio was already complaining of pain in his foot and said that he would soon abandon the race, as his foot was already swollen. As soon as Fiuk was eliminated, he waited just one more round of the race and ended up giving up.

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