Civilian firefighter removes 15,000 bees from car in U.S. parking lot

UA man who returned to his car in the parking lot of a supermarket in New Mexico, in the United States, ended up needing help from firefighters when he found about 15 thousand bees inside the vehicle.

The Las Cruces fire department explained that the man said he had only been in the store for 10 minutes and that when he returned, the bees were everywhere.

He called 911 (equivalent to 112 Portuguese) and the firefighters, who arrived in the meantime, called Jesse Johnson, a firefighter who was not scheduled to work that day, but who has several years of experience with beekeeping.

According to Jesse, it is common for swarms of bees to separate in the spring, with thousands and their queen looking for a new shelter. As the car’s windows had been left open, the fireman believes it may have become inviting to insects. “Fortunately, as they are separated, they are very docile. They do not have a home to protect at the moment. It is much more intimidating than it is dangerous,” he confessed to the New York Times.

It took about half an hour before the fireman managed to remove all the bees and pass them to an empty box. Now they are going to join the four hives that they already have at home.

According to the firefighters, there was a fireman and a supermarket security guard who were bitten, but no one was seriously injured.

See some images of the unusual situation in the gallery above.

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