‘They had the chance to guarantee democracy by voting for Haddad’, says Lula about manifesto of presidential candidates

Former President Lula analyzed on Thursday 1 the manifest released the day before by six potential presidential candidates in 2022. The text, called Manifesto for Democratic Consciousness, it rejects “authoritarianism” and defends “freedom”. It was released on Wednesday 31, the date that marked the 57th anniversary of the 1964 military coup.

The signatories are Ciro Gomes (PDT), João Doria (PSDB), Eduardo Leite (PSDB), Luiz Henrique Mandetta (DEM), João Amoêdo (Novo) and Luciano Huck.

“In a country of this size, you don’t invent a candidate. If you invent, the result is harmful, ”said Lula in an interview with BandNews FM. “This manifesto… They all had the chance in 2018 to leave democracy guaranteed by voting for Haddad. These people preferred to vote for Bolsonaro. Ciro only went to Paris, he did not vote. I think it’s normal for everyone to look for their political rearrangement ”.

Still in 2022, Lula ruled out the possibility, in an eventual candidacy for him to Planalto, to count on businesswoman Luiza Trajano as deputy. “I had an extraordinary relationship with her when I was president. She is an exceptional woman and I do not believe she is involved in politics ”.

When commenting on the drama experienced by the country in the midst of the advance of Covid-19, he evaluated that the only way to overcome the health and economic crises is with accelerated vaccination and financial assistance to those who need it most. He stated that “there is no way in this country if there is no emergency aid of 600 reais”.

President Jair Bolsonaro’s denialism did not go unnoticed. “Bolsonaro, when are you going to take responsibility, stop playing and govern this country? Close your mouth, Bolsonaro. It is no use talking nonsense. Let the doctor speak for you, ”said Lula.

“Stop being ignorant, stop fighting with Science, stop trying to talk to your militiamen. When everyone has a vaccine, then everyone goes back to work. And the economy may grow again ”.

Lula also criticized the political conduct of Operation Lava Jato, whose instruments precipitated, in the ex-president’s assessment, the death of ex-first lady Marisa Letícia in 2017.

“If there was corruption, you have to investigate and arrest people. But she [Lava Jato] it favored thieves, who are smoking cigars and drinking rum at our expense, ”he said. According to him, the operation “made the theft official”.

“Lava Jato’s goal was less to fight corruption and more political. He imagined destroying the parties, demoralizing Congress and the Supreme Court and had a political project. Moro was treated as if he were God ”, he pointed out.

“Lava Jato left my life, which I wanted since 2016. I sleep peacefully, but I know that Moro and Dallagnol don’t sleep peacefully”.

Lula also declared that Brazil “has never been more respected in the United States, in China, in Russia, in Ethiopia” than in its governments, when the country “became an international protagonist”.

He called on international leaders to unite around combating Covid-19, including “turning vaccines into a good for humanity”. What is missing, evaluates the PT, “is a leader to make a decision”.


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