Bolsonaro sanctions law that typifies crime of “stalking”

Bolsonaro sanctions law that typifies crime of “stalking”
Bolsonaro sanctions law that typifies crime of “stalking”
President Jair Bolsonaro signed Law no.1,132 / 2021 this Wednesday night (3/31), which typifies the crime of persecution, a practice also known as “stalking“. The text was approved by the Senate on the 9th.
Persecution is punishable from six months to two years
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According to the text, persistent attempts at physical approach, gathering information about a third party, repeated sending of messages, tickets, e-mails and appearances in the places frequented by the victim are now punishable by a prison sentence ranging from six months to two months. years, plus fine.

The law inserts article 147-A into the Penal Code. It is a crime “to persecute someone, repeatedly and by any means, threatening their physical or psychological integrity, restricting their ability to move around or, in any way, invading or disturbing their sphere of freedom or privacy”, says the device.

The amendment also provides that the penalty may be increased if the persecution is committed against children, adolescents, the elderly, women, by means of a contest of two or more people or using a firearm.

The initial version of the Senate Bill provided for a sentence ranging from six months to two years, but in the form of detention, which meant that it could be served under an open or semi-open regime. The Chamber changed the length of the sentence, from one to four years, transformed the modality into imprisonment and made the fine cumulative to the penalty.

The Senate Plenary maintained the imprisonment and the fine, but changed the length of the sentence under the justification of “creating an incongruity, increasing too much a sentence that ends up being disproportionate with more serious crimes”, as Senator Jean Paul Prates said PT-RN).

In addition, deputies have also altered the worsening of the sentence, which can lead to an increase of up to 50%: if the crime is committed against a child, adolescent or elderly person; against women for reasons of female status; by contest of two or more people; or with the use of a weapon.

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Law 14.132 / 2021

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