Ronaldo says sorry

There is little doubt that Ronaldo, or often called “The Phenomenon”, was a goal scorer. With 62 goals in 98 games for Brazil, he is the player with the second most national team goals for the Brazilian national team – only beaten by Pelé.

15 of these goals have come in the World Cup. Ronaldo, or Ronaldo Luiz Nazário de Lima as he is actually called, has won the World Cup twice. In the United States in ’94 and in Japan and South Korea in 2002.

With his 15 goals in three World Cup finals, he had for a long time the record as the player with the most goals in the World Cup finals, but was in 2014 passed by Miroslav Klose with his 16 goals.

Video originally published on on 27.06.2014 SUÁREZ COMMENTED: Brazil’s football legend Ronaldo joked about the Suárez bite during FIFA’s press release yesterday afternoon Norwegian time. Video: SNTV
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But even though Ronaldo was an icon on the football field, it was not always his performance on the field that created the biggest overviews. His hairstyle also made more people close their eyes.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, he explains that the hairstyle was created before the World Cup semi-finals in 2002. He also makes an apology.

– It was horrible. I would like to apologize to all mothers who had to see their children cut themselves in the same way, he says.

He also says that there was a meaning behind the somewhat special weld. Before the semi-final, Ronaldo had suffered a muscle injury. To focus on something else, he chose to cut his hair.

– I looked at my teammates and asked: “Do you like it?”.

The response from teammates could not be misunderstood.

– No, it’s awful. Cut it off, they replied according to Ronaldo.

Ronaldo chose to keep his hair on, and not long after that he scored two goals that sent Brazil to the World Cup final. The rest is history.

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