How do I know if I will receive the four installments of the new emergency aid?

On the last wednesday, 31, O Federal government in partnership with Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF) released the payment schedule of the emergency aid. The benefit will be paid in four installments with values ​​that may vary between R$ 150, R$ 250 e R$ 375.

How do you know that you would receive the four installments of the new emergency aid?
How do I know if I will receive the four installments of the new emergency aid? (Image: Playback / Google)

Payments start to be made on the day 6 of April, and will continue through the months of May, June and July. Those who live alone will receive R$ 150, while families with more than one component will be covered by R$ 250.

Finally, the largest share in the value of R$ 375 is intended for single mothers who provide home care.

To make this new round of emergency aid within the 2021 budget, the federal government needed to reduce the number of beneficiaries. This is because, in 2020, about 60 million of Brazilians were contemplated.

Now, that number has dropped to 40 million, limiting the resource to only one member of the family group.

Citizens who want to know if they will be included in this new round, just access the site: Dataprev together with Caixa Econômica declared that the consultation will be available from this date friday 2.

New registrations were not allowed for the emergency aid in 2021. Therefore, they will receive those beneficiaries approved in the initial stage in 2020, as long as they meet the new requirements.

Informal workers, Individual Microentrepreneurs (MEI), unemployed people who are not receiving unemployment insurance and citizens with a family income per capita of half the minimum wage or a total of three minimum wages are entitled to the benefit.

It is important to mention that citizens covered by social security, assistance or labor benefits, as well as federal income transfer programs, except Bolsa Família and the PIS / Pasep salary bonus, will not be entitled to receive the installments of the emergency aid in the average value of R$ 250.

In addition, payments for this new round will follow the model implemented in 2020. That is, through the Caixa Tem digital social savings account, automatically opened by Caixa Econômica in the ownership of each beneficiary.

Therefore, it is not necessary to perform a new registration, just update the data in the application to avoid fraud and undue payments.

Caixa Tem’s digital social savings account does not charge any maintenance fee, although it has established a movement limit of up to R $ 5,000. The bank’s application also makes it possible to pay bills such as energy, electricity, telephone.


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