Bolsonaro: When the last Brazilian gets vaccinated, I will decide if I get vaccinated

Bolsonaro: When the last Brazilian gets vaccinated, I will decide if I get vaccinated
Bolsonaro: When the last Brazilian gets vaccinated, I will decide if I get vaccinated

President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) said on Thursday, 1st, that he will still decide whether to vaccinate against the covid-19 or not. In a live broadcast on social networks, Bolsonaro argued that he had already contracted the virus and, therefore, would decide on his immunization when the “last Brazilian is vaccinated”. Still this Thursday, 1st, the governor of the Federal District, Ibaneis Rocha (MDB), informed that vaccination against covid-19 will be extended to people over 66 years old, starting next Saturday, 3. Bolsonaro completed 66 years on March 21.

“There is an argument now that I am going to get vaccinated or I am not going to vaccinate. I will decide. What I think: I already contracted the virus ”, he commented in a live broadcast on social networks today. “I think that what should happen, after the last Brazilian is vaccinated, with a vaccine left, then I will decide whether to vaccinate or not. This is an example that a boss has to set ”, he said.

In previous statements, Bolsonaro reiterated that he would not get the vaccine because he had already contracted coronavirus. He was diagnosed with the disease in July 2020. However, cases of reinfection have been recorded in the country, in addition to new variants of the virus. On more than one occasion, Bolsonaro also questioned the efficacy and safety of immunizers, always pointing out that they are of an “experimental” character, even after the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) has approved the use of immunizations in the country.

The increase in deaths and cases of covid-19 in March, however, made the president and the government adjust the speech regarding vaccination. The Chief Executive and allies began to defend immunization for the resumption of the economy. At the top of the government, ministers Augusto Heleno, from the Institutional Security Office, 73, and Paulo Guedes, from 71, were vaccinated, in addition to vice president Hamilton Mourão, who is 67 years old.


Bolsonaro promised to vaccinate one million Brazilians a day “in the next few days”. “We intend over the next few days to apply one million doses a day in Brazil,” he said. Since vaccination started in late January, 17.6 million people have been vaccinated, 8.32% of the total Brazilian population. Even with the number far below the size of the population, of 211.8 million inhabitants, the president again repeated that the country is among the best in the ranking of immunization in the world. “Brazil is among the 10 countries in absolute numbers in which the vaccine is most applied”, he insisted.

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