Without Jairinho and mother, reconstitution has a boy’s doll

Without Jairinho and mother, reconstitution has a boy’s doll
Without Jairinho and mother, reconstitution has a boy’s doll
On Thursday (1) the reconstruction of the death of the boy Henry Borel occurred. The Civil Police arrived at 2 pm at the Majestic condominium, in Barra da Tijuca, west zone of Rio de Janeiro, where the boy was at the time with his mother, Monique Medeiros, and his stepfather, councilor known as Dr. Jairinho. Around 6 pm the police left the place. In addition to the couple’s apartment, the agents were also at the building’s concierge to carry out the reconstitution. They used a doll, which had the same characteristics as Henry Borel, to represent the boy.

Jairinho and Monique missed the place. The defense of the two claimed that it had requested that the reconstitution take place next week, something that was denied. As the couple did not show up, a male police officer and a female police officer played their roles.

The police also said that the two can respond for disobedience for not having attended. At the end of the procedure, the police and the couple’s lawyer, André França, did not speak to the press.

Conversation with Governor

Asked about the call that Jairinho made to the acting governor of Rio de Janeiro, Cláudio Castro, hours after Henry’s death, the lawyer stated that the two are friends.

“The councilman and Cláudio Castro are friends just as the councilman knows countless other people. Jairinho’s concern, as well as Monique’s, has always been to grant the greatest transparency and the greatest justice to the case. He doesn’t want his figure as a politician to be able to generate any bias that harms him. He says ‘I just want a procedure to be done that is fair’, “said França.

Or case

Henry Borel, 4, died on March 8, in Rio de Janeiro

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Henry was the son of newly divorced parents, and spent a weekend with his father, engineer Leniel Borel de Almeida. Around 7 pm, Leniel left the child in the condominium where the mother resides. Security cameras caught the boy’s arrival. Monique Medeiros da Costa e Silva has been dating the councilor since October 2020. Before, she worked as a teacher and now holds a position at the Court of Auditors of the Municipality.

According to the investigations, at dawn on the 8th, the doctor and councilman Dr. Jairinho (Solidariedade), Henry’s stepfather, and his girlfriend and mother of the child, Monique Medeiros, took the boy to Barra D’Or Hospital, in Barra da Tijuca, where they reported that the child had breathing difficulties. The couple then called the boy’s father to report what happened.

Leniel then went to the health facility and found the doctors trying to revive the child. Guided by hospital professionals, the boy’s father opened an occurrence in the 16th DP to understand what happened to his son. The boy’s death occurred on the 8th.

Henry’s autopsy report indicated signs of violence and the cause of death was internal bleeding and liver laceration caused by a blunt action.

In the document, the expert found multiple bruises on the abdomen and upper limbs; hemorrhagic infiltration in the front, side and back of the head; swelling in the brain; large amount of blood in the abdomen; kidney contusion on the right; trauma with pulmonary contusion; hepatic laceration (in the liver); and retroperitoneal hemorrhage.

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