Microsoft signs 21.9 billion contract to equip augmented reality with US army

The tech giant Microsoft closed a deal worth $ 21.9 billion (€ 18.63 billion) to supply at least 120,000 augmented reality devices to the United States army.

This agreement consists of the development of the Integrated Visual Augmentation System. This equipment, which Microsoft will provide, allows soldiers to train their combat skills through Artificial Intelligence.

By creating layers of information about actual reality, they promote, for example, the ability to detect threats from soldiers.

Microsoft’s latest business, in partnership with the United States Army, accelerates the manufacturing process for Augmented Reality (AR) headsets, as well as their implementation in the field.

Based on Microsoft’s HoloLens AR headset, IVAS will provide Direct Combat Forces with the next generation of night vision and perception capabilities tailored to each situation.

In addition, this technology will allow the army to have an advantage in sharing information, and in the consequent decision-making in the various scenarios. Thus, greater efficiency and safety are the promises of the technological giant.

The amount now announced, $ 21.9 billion, is expected to be distributed over the next 10 years, depending on the number of devices actually delivered.


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