Biden government wants $ 174 billion for trams

Biden government wants $ 174 billion for trams
Biden government wants $ 174 billion for trams

Joe Biden’s government wants to turn the tables on the American automotive scene with a plan to speed up electrification in the country. The current US president wants 8.7% of a $ 2 trillion package to be targeted specifically for tax incentives for the production and sale of electric cars.

The total amount is a trifle to reform the US energy infrastructure, especially after the chaos experienced by the state of Texas, isolated from the rest of the country by a local policy of independence from the electricity sector. Back to cars, the surplus is $ 174 billion, a figure that is encouraging local manufacturers.

In this plan, in addition to the electric vehicle trade, Biden wants to install 500,000 recharging points annually by CONUS, in order to support a significant increase in the demand for electrified cars, since the consumer will benefit directly with bonuses for the purchase of the new car. , as long as it is plugged into the outlet.

USA: Biden government wants $ 174 billion for trams

Since 2007, the USA has had a federal bonus of US $ 7,500, conditioned to 200,000 cars per manufacturer, and aid has even been considered to be extinct. Even in governments as different as those of Obama and Trump, the direct incentive continued to exist.

With the new plan, Biden is unlikely to modify it, as it boosts sales of electric cars over there. But in addition, the current government has another goal besides “electrifying America”.

USA: Biden government wants $ 174 billion for trams

The objective is to surpass China as the largest market in the world in EV’s, passing the current Asian brand of 4% of the segment’s share in American sales. If it depends on the change in the US industry, especially in the electric pickup trucks and SUVs segment, the goal could be exceeded soon.

Biden recently mentioned that China’s leadership in electric cars “must change”. In this new “master plan” in America, battery production should be another focus, since the country wants independence for its vehicle manufacturers, which is a bad deal for Korean companies.

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