After a draw, Conceio says he is satisfied with Cruzeiro’s performance

After a draw, Conceio says he is satisfied with Cruzeiro’s performance
After a draw, Conceio says he is satisfied with Cruzeiro’s performance

O cruise returned to be the target of criticism from fans on social networks by drawing for 0 a 0 as Tombense, this Thursday, in Mineiro. The result maintains the weak campaign in the Mineiro Championship, now in sixth place, with eight points added in six rounds (two victories, two draws and two defeats) and only four goals scored. Despite the adverse situation, the technician Felipe Conceio he liked the athletes’ performance, disagreed with the criticisms of the team’s performance and considered that there has been a constant improvement since the beginning of the 2021 season.

“There was an evolution after that first phase of several games in a month. After this training period, we return. And I liked the question of the evolution of the team, in the offensive movements, we started to move well again, creating chances on one side, on the other, inside. The defensive issue, we also managed to be an aggressive team. Until the moment that we had equality in the field, we maintained a very aggressive stance. Within the process that we believe in, this makes me satisfied ”.

According to Footstats, Cruzeiro had more than 60% possession of the ball in the first half, but bumped into the defensive posture of Tombense and was forced to try submissions from outside the area. When he managed to get close to the opposing goal, Felipe Augusto received from Rafael Sobis on the right wing and kicked hard for a good defense by Felipe Garcia. In the final stage, Raposa exercised seven minutes of pressure. In the best opportunity, Matheus Barbosa hit the post after the failure of midfielder Pablo.

However, after 20 minutes of the second half, Tombense started to leave for the game. At 27, Everton escaped from the left end and rolled towards the entrance to the area. Jhemerson arrived hitting first, and the ball deflected in Alan Ruschel’s arm. Penalty in favor of the visitors, red card for the left-back Cruzeirense. In the collection of Paulinho Dias, Fbio fell in the right corner, held on tight and avoided the celestial defeat.

In Felipe Conceio’s opinion, Cruzeiro had an intense 65 minutes and was complicated by the expulsion of Ruschel. “We cannot lose this way. When you manage to do 65 minutes of the level that we did, the tendency, if we don’t get out of the way and keep working hard, that in the next match we will be able to sustain for 90 minutes the pace that was in the first half and at the second time. We created several chances, controlled the game well, and there was a natural wear and tear due to the pace we implemented and even the volume. This is part of the process, but we are back to having a good performance in my point of view ”.

In addition to not agreeing with the opinions on the lack of progress, Conceio considered that Cruzeiro is eager to define the plays. “We had more control of the game, more control of the match, we recovered the ball in the opponent’s field, we put the opponent behind. Unfortunately, the ball did not enter. But it will come. This anxiety of ours that things happen from one day to the next also generates these errors in the last third. This is part of it, but naturally we will be able to adjust it. I am sure that when the ball starts to come in, that weight will come out, and we will transform into goals what we are producing in the game ”.

The commander also praised individual actions. “As time goes by, athletes will feel comfortable. You see Bruno Jos growing up, Sobis played a great game, Marcinho, Barbosa, Adriano. We as a team played a great game, athletes are adapting more and more. We make adjustments according to the athlete’s characteristics, we respect them. So much so that we were very efficient up to 65 to 70 minutes of play, we just missed the goal ”.

Cruzeiro will return to the field next Sunday, at 11 am, against Boa, at the Melo stadium, in Varginha. With only four points, Varginha’s team is in the relegation zone, in 11th. In the sequence of the state, Raposa faces Coimbra, on Wednesday (7), in Independência, and Atltico, Sunday (11), in Mineiro. The objective of the technical committee is to maintain a base scale to gain rapport with a view to the main objective of 2021, which is the return to the first division of the Brazilian Championship.

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