Lira increases medical reimbursement and deputies will have a ceiling of up to R $ 135 thousand – Politics

In the official diary of the Chamber of Deputies, in addition to changing values, Lira wrote a justification (photo: Brasil / Reproduction Agency)

O President of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), changed the reimbursement limit for medical expenses of deputies by 170%. The information was forwarded by the newspaper The State of São Paulo.

Now, the reimbursement amount, which used to be up to R $ 50 thousand, was increased to R $ 135.4 thousand. Under the internal rules, expenses above that can also be returned to the parliamentarian, but only after the approval of the Board of Directors of the House.

This is not the only way for deputies to have medical expenses paid for by public coffers. Parliamentarians are also entitled to a health plan, linked to Caixa Econmica Federal, which allows care in private hospitals. The amount paid to join the benefit of R $ 630 per month.

In addition, deputies can be seen at the Medical Department of the Chamber, in Braslia.

In the Official Directory of the Chamber of Deputies, in addition to changing values, Lira wrote a justification. According to the President of the House, “the above value is out of date”.

“In recent years, the so-called“ medical inflation ”has surpassed the official inflation index: the National Consumer Price Index (IPCA). The phenomenon, in fact, has not been restricted to Brazil ”, says an excerpt from the document.

* Internship under the supervision of sub-editor Ellen Cristie.


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