Accountants recommend postponing submission of IRS statement to next week

Accountants recommend postponing submission of IRS statement to next week
Accountants recommend postponing submission of IRS statement to next week

The Order of Certified Accountants (OCC) recommends “whenever” that the IRS statement is not submitted within the first week of the deadline for submitting this tax proceeding, which started this Thursday, revealed the president of the OCC, Paula Franco.

“We always recommend that in the first week you do not send [ao fisco a declaração de IRS], because [o sistema do portal das Finanças] it is still being adjusted and errors are being detected “, said the president, speaking to Lusa.

Paula Franco points out, however, that if the declarations are submitted as early as this first week, there is also “no problem”, since the Order has “several testimonies” of deliveries already completed, within the current period, “which they went well “, even if” some with errors, but that can be overcome “.

The president recalls that the first days of the deadline for submitting Personal Income Tax returns (IRS) “are always adjustments”, which is why it says that it is “normal” that, even after testing the system, when delivery of the declaration to all citizens starts to happen, “other times” other types of errors are detected.

“But nothing that prevents the sending of the IRS,” says Paula Franco, warning taxpayers of the need to check the amounts, even those who opt for the automatic declaration that is previously filled out by the tax authorities.

“At any time, whether now or later, the data must always be confirmed, as there is a risk of something not being registered in the income or deductions”, he warned.

Even the most inexperienced and struggling taxpayers must make this effort, he warned, clarifying that, before the declaration of automatic IRS, they must verify “point to point” if everything is correct, remembering the importance of this verification by the tenants, so that the rents can accounted for by the tax authorities as an expense.

As for the problems in accessing the Finance portal, denounced on social networks, the president admitted that computer systems often do not have the capacity to correspond to all taxpayers’ accesses.

“They should have [essa capacidade], effectively, if we think in terms of what would be perfect. But, in practice, what we have verified is that the problems of the sites always exist and there are always times when they are not able to absorb all types of accesses “, he considered.

Paula Franco explained that when there is a large flow of people trying to access the Finance portal, “inevitably there are problems” and that today, with the official start of the IRS campaign, it is possible that there are many accesses and this blocks the site.

“Unfortunately this is normal,” concluded the president.

The official deadline for submitting the IRS started today and, as in previous years, it was already possible to run simulations and deliver the declaration in previous days, with the registration of 253,596 IRS declarations by 11.41 today.

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