Canada bets on immigration to boost economic recovery

Canada bets on immigration to boost economic recovery
Canada bets on immigration to boost economic recovery

After suffering its biggest budget deficit since the Second World War in 2020, Canada is now betting on the flow of foreigners to get out of the crisis generated by the pandemic of the new coronavirus. EAmong the proposals, the government intends to significantly increase the number of new residents in the next three years, in addition to granting more permanent visas to new residents, especially those who are already in the country on a temporary basis.

“History has taught us that when we increase our immigration levels, we grow our economy together,” said Marco Mendicino, Canadian Immigration Minister.

However, the plan to improve the economy may face some problems to be realized. Experts heard by Wall Street Journal they say that people who come to a country during an economic crisis tend to have more problems getting settled and getting a job. In addition, analysts highlight the restrictions on the Canadian border as a major obstacle to the execution of the project.

Although not new, this is seen as the most aggressive strategy among countries that adopt similar policies. US USA, the government of the ex-president Donald Trump suspended most visas alleging risks that Americans might lose their jobs to new residents. The current president, on the other hand, Joe Biden, proposed in his first days of government a migratory reform that can give full citizenship to up to 10 million people.

The government of United Kingdom, which adopted a more restrictive posture after the completion of the Brexi, stated that its new rules may restrict the entry of new immigrants into the country. At the same time, the Australia it opted for a very rigid stance at its borders, which probably had a great contribution to the drop in the number of new migrants.

According to official data, the number of immigrants in Canada fell by almost 50% in 2020. To deal with the problem, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hopes to increase the number of permanent residents, as economic, the country is one of the most dependent on immigrants in the world.

One of the first measures put in place was to look inside. Because of the border restrictions still in place due to the pandemic, Canada has started to turn to those who are already within its territory. More than 40,000 people have already been invited to enroll in the government system, almost double the number of invitations issued during the year 2020.

Australia, another country very dependent on the migratory flow for its economic growth, decided to adopt another strategy. Before the pandemic, the Australian government acted directly on the general ceiling on the number of immigrants. With an annual review, scenarios are being analyzed to attract more qualified and business-related people. In the United States, the excess of immigrants trying to enter illegally across the border with Mexico is putting pressure on the Biden government to rethink its new migration policy.

Canada is among the developed economies that most need the immigration process to grow. Before the pandemic, about 80% of Canadian population growth depended on immigrants.

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