Antalya Judo Grand Slam: Abe Hifumi returns and Canada stands out

Antalya Judo Grand Slam: Abe Hifumi returns and Canada stands out
Antalya Judo Grand Slam: Abe Hifumi returns and Canada stands out
The Grand Slam of Antalya 2021 brought judo back to Turkey. As the penultimate Grand Slam of the qualifying period, the window of opportunity for athletes looking to accumulate precious points is increasingly closed.

In the -48kg category, the Italian Francesca Milani was in shape on the first day. Defeated the Olympic champion Paula Pareto to win the gold medal, awarded by the president of the International Judo Federation, Marius Vizer.

The Man of the Day

In the -66kg category, the man of the day was the Japanese Abe Hifumi. The two-time world champion went to Turkey to win. Faced the Spanish Gaitero-Martin in the final, imposing himself with a_ Waza-ari_ to claim yet another gold medal. On the podium, he was awarded by the sporting director of the International Judo Federation, Vladimir Barta.

“It was fantastic to return to the competition after so long away. It was fun and good to be back,” said the Japanese judoka.

Canada’s triumph

In the -57kg category, the world champion Christa Deguchi, from Canada, defeated one opponent after another in a forceful way to climb to the top of the podium.

The woman of the day was decorated by the Education Director of the International Judo Federation, Mohammed Meridja. Deguchi did not hide his satisfaction: “I think it went well. It was not 100% but it went well. I am happy to be back on the podium, to have a gold medal again.”

A Belgian hero

In the -60kg category, the Belgian Jorre Verstraeten won the first gold in a Grand Slam. He imposed himself with a Ippon dynamic about french Whalide Khyar. The executive director of the Swiss company Ultima Capital, Max-Hervé George, decorated the athlete.

Featured in -52kg

In the -52kg category, Uzbek Diyora Keldiyorova also won the first gold medal in the Grand Slam, beating the Spanish rival Sheriff Star common Sode Tsurikomi Goshi.

Turkish Deputy Minister for Youth and Sports, Hamza Yerlikaya, decorated the Uzbek judoka.

The Grand Slam of Antalya is an opportunity for young Turkish athletes to make their mark worldwide in the sport.

In addition to the excellent performance, there were also important results for Turkish judo.

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