BBB21: Gilberto refuses to vote for Rodolffo again and the reason is very clever; watch

BBB21: Gilberto refuses to vote for Rodolffo again and the reason is very clever; watch
BBB21: Gilberto refuses to vote for Rodolffo again and the reason is very clever; watch

Without setting the stage! This afternoon (1st), Gilberto began to consider the next scenarios of the “BBB 21” and how he can escape the elimination. During a chat with João Luiz, the economist also revealed the smart reason why he no longer wants to vote for Rodolffo – after he got away with two walls in a row.

The two were at the gym, watching the tactical panel, when Gil told the participants that they should vote for him on the next wall. “I think Viih, Thaís, maybe Ju for everything that happened, Rodolffo sure, and maybe Pocah”, mentioned. “Who I think doesn’t vote for me directly is Arthur, you, Fiuk, Caio and Camilla. So, if I don’t win the leader, I would like one of you to win ”he continued.

Gilberto no longer wants to “give audience” to Rodolffo, for going and always coming back from the wall. (Photo: Playback / TV Globo)

Gilberto explained why he would not vote for Rodolffo again soon after imagining who would each point to the wall, in case of a leadership. “Does Arthur refer Juliette again? I think not […] Fiuk I think indicates Pocah. I think Camilla is going to Rodolffo. But I would think it was a bit bad, because going back to it will only give an audience ”, explained the doctoral student, who also wanted to know about João: “If you were a leader, who would you say? Sorry for asking”.

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“Maybe he too”, revealed the professor, about a possible indication of Rodolffo. After a while in silence, Gil reinforced his motives: “I don’t like to give an audience”. “Give an audience for what? For him?”asked João. “There are a lot of people here that I didn’t really see involved in the game, you know. He’s one of the people, he always looked good, always by the pool. What he achieved now was a betrayal of his friends, which, in my mind, is what happened. He went to the wall, came back and people showed solidarity with him ”, interpreted the economist.

In the sequence, Gil also commented that “It hurts to know that there were people here who really played”. According to Notícias da TV, João tried to interpret the eliminations of Carla Diaz and Sarah, who lost to the sertanejo. “He went against Sarah and Carla, right? None of these walls say much ”, completed. “I think it says, eliminating Carla says a lot”replied the Pernambucano, who is a fan of the reality card. “The only way I could save myself on the wall, which I would think was correct, would be me, Gil do Vigor, winning the Leader or autoimmune Angel”, he completed.

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João and Gilberto vent about the house’s “macholândia”

This Wednesday (31), João Luiz and Gilberto started to get even closer after Sarah’s elimination. During the chat, they said they were fed up with the brothers’ attitudes, such as Rodolffo’s. “I can’t take ‘macholândia’ any longer ”, said the teacher. “Me neither. Arthur I really like it, Caio I can even have [uma boa relação], but the other is ‘rancid’“, The Pernambucan agreed, referring to the sertanejo. “I’m very rancid!“, Added João.

Gilberto and João Luiz said they were tired of the “macholândia” of the “BBB 21”. (Photos: Playback / TV Globo)

I’m glad he didn’t come to me yesterday, if yesterday he made a joke…“, The economist said, recalling Sarah’s dramatic elimination. At that moment, Camilla de Lucas approached and asked what the subject was. “We were saying that, depending on who wins the angel, the fags go to the monster“Replied João.“I hope it’s a very colorful monster“, Joked Gil.

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The doctoral student also revealed his support for the geography professor. “If there’s a queue here that I think can make it to the final, it’s you. I trust a lot. Truly friend. I do not accept this final without a fag. Me, I’m like that, right? You already know. But you have more emotional control, all your attitudes were very correct, consistent“, Fired the economist.

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