Big indentation at Easter: – Some people stretch the rules

Big indentation at Easter: – Some people stretch the rules
Big indentation at Easter: – Some people stretch the rules
The authorities’ encouragement to stay at home during Easter has been noticeable in several Norwegian cottage municipalities.

The mayor of Trysil, Eirik Sletten (Sp), estimates that the municipality has about 20,000 visitors on Maundy Thursday – almost 30,000 fewer than one in normal Easter. In Hol municipality, which is the country’s third largest cottage municipality, the decline is 10,000.

But despite the fact that several cabin guests have to wait, there are still many Norwegians who have packed the car and set course for the mountains. This year’s Easter guests deserve praise, according to mayors Dagbladet has spoken to.

Worried after Wuhan report

– Very satisfied

At the end of March, Hol municipality, where Geilo is located, among other places, decided to introduce a local regulation which, among other things, prohibits cabin guests at Easter.

– The main reason why we introduce a new regulation is that we know that we have visitors from many parts of the country, and want everyone to adhere to the same guidelines, Rukke told Dagbladet at the time.

The Easter holidays are now well underway for many, and in Hol no one has tested positive for covid-19 so far this Easter week. Now the mayor praises the cabin people for taking the infection control rules seriously.

– People deserve praise. The vast majority are very good at following both national and local guidelines, says the mayor.

There are far fewer – perhaps only half as many as usual, who visit Bolleland at Easter. -Usually we sell 18,500 buns on a day like this, but now we can count on 10,000. Video: Stian Drake and Lars Eivind Bones
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He adds:

– I’m very happy with that. Now I just hope that everyone continues to be careful so that we can soon enjoy each other again – also in the sun wall at the cottage.

Easter tourists in Sirdal municipality in Agder are also good at complying with the infection control rules at Easter, according to mayor Jonny Liland.

– It’s unbelievable how good people are. They wear face masks and keep their distance. Continuing this, I relax well. We are betting that this will go well. Of course, there is a risk of infection, but it is everywhere, says Liland to Stavanger Aftenblad.

– Potential for improvement

In Trysil, there is no restraining order, but a recommendation not to have overnight guests or visits inside the cabin, if you come from municipalities with high infection pressure.

The mayor experiences that both permanent residents and cabin guests are generally good at following the municipality’s advice and rules.

– But there are always some who stretch the rules. There is absolute potential for improvement here, Sletten tells Dagbladet without elaborating on what measures he is aiming for.

Fear cottage parties

No cabin parties

Ahead of Easter, Trysil municipality was worried about cabin parties. The crisis management in the municipality therefore issued the following request on the website:

«Also limit alcohol consumption privately. Preferably follow the rules that apply at restaurants, ie serve alcohol only in connection with meals. And: Do not gather to fasten in sun-pits! ».

When Dagbladet makes contact on Maundy Thursday, the mayor can boast of beer-thirsty cabin guests in Trysil.

– Easter is a holiday where Norwegians like to party more than the rest of the year, but we have not yet received any reports of larger gatherings in private cabins. But Easter is not over, and it is important to avoid cabin parties in the coming days.

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