Cristina Ferreira finally revealed the secret: how she managed to lose 8 kilos – Nacional

It was on the program that ‘Cristina ComVida’ debuted last Friday, March 29, that the presenter made a point of revealing how she managed to lose eight kilos.

In the presence of her nutritionist, Iara Rodrigues, who has been accompanying her in the fight against weight for over 10 years, Cristina Ferreira told how she reached her ideal weight, now weighs 60 kilos.

The secret is simple and it is only and only in intermittent fasting. The presenter told live her daily routine when it comes to food. In the morning, have breakfast, which can include fruit, a slice of rye bread, scrambled eggs and turkey ham. At around 1:30 pm, you dine normally, not giving up anything … not even the dessert, which can even be sweet. Finally, he starts eating again at around 6pm. He says it is a kind of snack. No excess, always eating in moderation.

In addition, he also said that he never gave up walking and going to the gym. Therefore, this is the secret that was announced in the program with all the pomp and circumstance.


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