Bolsonaro’s year-end holidays cost more than R $ 2 million to public coffers

President Jair Bolsonaro’s year-end vacation cost the public coffers more than R $ 2.4 million. The head of the Planalto Palace spent the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 between Santa Catarina and the coast of São Paulo.

The data on Bolsonaro’s spending were obtained by federal deputy Elias Vaz (PSB-GO), who requested information from the Secretary General of the Presidency and the Institutional Security Office.

Almost three months after submitting the requests, the answers came. Official letter 152/2021 / SG / PR / SG / PR, sent by the General Secretariat of the Presidency, reveals that the expenses paid with a corporate card during the ex-captain’s vacation amounted to 1,196,158.40 reais.

This amount includes expenses with accommodation for the president and his delegation, food and fuel.

On the other hand, letter No. 57/2021 / SE / GSI / GSI / PR, of the Institutional Security Office, calculates the cost of 1,053,889.50 reais for maintenance and fuel for the planes used by the delegation. The rendering of accounts pointed to the expenditure of 185 thousand dollars and the conversion to the Brazilian currency was made by the deputy of the PSB. The amount refers to the “land, water and air travel of the president, his family, guests and the entire team of professionals, including security”.

Elias Vaz also asked GSI for information on “the total price for airfare and per diems to civilian and military public agents”. In this case, the expense reached 202,538.21 reais.

According to the parliamentarian, Bolsonaro’s behavior “is a real slap in the face of the Brazilian people”.

“The moment the country is going through – and it was already going through – an absurd amount of deaths, the world started to vaccinate and Brazil did not, the end of emergency aid, in short, an acute social and health problem, the president is able to take vacations and still have the absurdity of spending more than 2.4 million reais on these holidays with public money ”, criticized Vaz in contact with Capital Letter. “It is a great absurdity, it is indignant to society as a whole”.


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