New news blackout? Facebook threatens to leave Canada against pay – 01/04/2021

New news blackout? Facebook threatens to leave Canada against pay – 01/04/2021
New news blackout? Facebook threatens to leave Canada against pay – 01/04/2021
Facebook’s head of public policy in Canada, Kevin Chan, this week defended measures taken in Australia against forced pay on news sites and hinted that the tactic could be adopted again. In February, Mark Zuckerberg’s company took down all Australian newspaper links that were posted to the feed and only reversed it when the local government gave in to compulsory arbitration. This can happen now with the Canadian media.

In a hearing at the Canadian Chamber of Heritage Committee, Chan said that “unfortunately, the proposed legislation [na Austrália] it did not recognize basic facts about the internet, did not recognize the value that platforms provide to news publishers and benefited only large media conglomerates and not independent media outlets “.

Parliamentarian Julie Dabrusin asked if he thought that cutting access to news was an appropriate negotiation strategy with the government, “including public health news, during a pandemic”. In response, the executive said that “it would never be something we would like to do”, but he has not ruled out similar measures if Canada adopts a law that runs counter to the company’s interest. The full audience can be viewed on video in English.

The government is preparing new legislation that would force technology platforms to pay news publishers for their content. Canada’s Minister of Liberal Heritage, Steven Guilbeau, went so far as to say that he would cut all advertising that the portfolio directs to these platforms, in favor of local companies.

For its part, Facebook announced last week $ 8 million (R $ 45.2 million, at current price) for proposals that help the news industry – including a program that will pay eight reporters at Canadian Press, the national news agency – and work to increase the audience and commercial agreements with publishers.

“I’m a little cynical about it. You knew you were going to come to this committee on Monday and then, all of a sudden, you raised another $ 8 million to support your news bag,” criticized congressman Kevin Waugh, during the hearing. with Chan.

New Google Agreement

Google, which started by criticizing the Australian bill, is now working quickly to reach agreements and on Wednesday (31) signed a licensing agreement with more than 600 newspaper companies.

The search giant says the demand for contracts is high and continues to negotiate with companies to invest about $ 1 billion in news for the Highlight (News Showcase, in English) —the media is paid when it appears in this tab of the Google app News.

Google is expected to continue until 2023 with an effort to invest in an industry that claims the tech giants control more than half of the digital advertising market.

In an interview with Tilt, Richard Gingras, vice president of company news, recalled that this news curation is already valid for Australia, Brazil, Germany and France and should expand to the whole world “as soon as possible”.

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