A promising market: why have Cannabidiol in your wallet?

A promising market: why have Cannabidiol in your wallet?
A promising market: why have Cannabidiol in your wallet?

Apparently, the Mexican Senate will approve the recreational use of Cannabis. If this scenario really occurs, Mexico will become the largest consumer market for Cannabis, behind Uruguay and Canada.

Currently, Canada, the main legalized market, handled US $ 2.1 billion in 2020. The United States, with its particular autonomy from the states, handled US $ 17.5 billion, with 36 states approving medical use and 15 , the recreational use of Cannabis. And here, an interesting fact: in the last survey, 68% of the American population is in favor of legalization.

What’s more, after the recording of this video, the state of New York approved the legalization of recreational use. The forecast is that this market will turn over 6 billion dollars. The estimate is that in 2025 the United States will have a turnover of 40 billion dollars.

Watch the video, presented by Enzo Pacheco:

From there, it is possible to come to the conclusion that it is a market that is very beginning and has a lot of space to grow. Comparing with two segments, we can arrive at an estimate of what will happen. Today, the tobacco segment generates 102 billion dollars in the United States, while the alcohol segment, 233 billion.

However, it is important to emphasize that, as it is an uncertain market in Brazil, the ideal is to have only a small part of its portfolio in this segment. We recently had legalization in the sale of pharmacies and in the last quarter, companies reported higher revenues than consolidated companies such as Arezzo, Vivara, Petz, etc.

Despite the various risks, the scenario is promising, especially abroad:

  • Federalized legalization in the United States;
  • Safe Baking Act – financial institutions provide product services to Cannabis companies. Nowadays, these companies cannot accept credit and debit cards;
  • Section 208E – does not allow companies to deduct expenses for business management. Some of them already have very good margins, but are unable to debit to pay taxes. If this is cleared up, we could see a further rise in stocks;
  • Several other countries can follow in the footsteps of Canada, Uruguay and Mexico.

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