US government says it is open to hearing alternatives to tax proposal

US government says it is open to hearing alternatives to tax proposal
US government says it is open to hearing alternatives to tax proposal
The day after US President Joe Biden proposed raising taxes on large companies to finance a $ 2 trillion infrastructure development program, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said on Thursday, 1st April, that the government is open to hearing alternatives to the proposal.

Despite the nod to the opposition, Psaki defended the American president’s plan.

“The proposal was made based on studies by economists. We need adjustments to make the tax system fairer and to finance infrastructure. The population agrees with this ”, said the spokeswoman, during a press conference. “The president believes that Democrats and Republicans agree that we need to modernize our roads and bridges,” he added. “We will release projections of job creation with the package in the coming days.”

According to her, Biden and the vice president of the United States, Kamala Harris, are already in contact with parliamentarians to guarantee the congressional approval of the infrastructure package – one of the White House’s strategies to continue supporting the recovery process. American economy after the shock of the covid-19.

With less than 100 days in power, the American government has already managed to get a tax package of US $ 1.9 trillion with a new round of social benefits similar to the Brazilian emergency aid.

To help finance the expenses, Biden proposes to increase the corporate tax from 21% to 28% and the creation of a global minimum tax by 21%.

These measures are expected to generate additional revenue of $ 1 trillion in a decade. “The plan is fiscally responsible and reduces public debt in the long run,” said the president, on Wednesday, in a speech in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, amid suspicions about the trajectory of American indebtedness, which has already broken 130% of the Domestic Product Gross (GDP) of the country.

New covid test

The spokeswoman also informed, during the press conference, that Biden performed a new test for the covid-19 this week and obtained a negative result. The Democratic leader is already vaccinated against the new coronavirus.

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