Weather, Snow | The meteorologist with a clear recommendation to the Easter tourists

If you are on the right side of the mountains, it can be quite nice Easter weather. And meteorologists have one particular tip on whether to really take advantage of the holidays.

– It varies a bit, but it looks like the country is quite divided in two during the Easter weekend. Eastern Norway still gets nice and partly cloudy weather. Western Norway, Møre og Romsdal and Trøndelag, on the other hand, get building weather. Northern Norway gets the worst weather, says duty officer at the Meteorological Institute, Susanna Reuder, to Nettavisen.

She says that both southern and eastern Norway can expect good amounts of hours of sunshine, and the temperature will also stay around 9-10 degrees until Sunday.

– But from Monday it starts to drop a little in the ranks. During the night it can even be around 0 degrees. Then we are talking more common spring temperatures, Reuder adds.

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Waiting for snow

The Easter weather also seems to be quite good, but especially for a special group of tourists.

– The popular ski areas Østafjells get a little nicer weather, while it becomes more cloudy and gray in the Inland and west. There is also a little more wind, and on Sunday the wind can increase to a light to stiff gale, Reuder informs.

She also has a recommendation for those who plan to go home from the Easter holidays already on Sunday the 1st of Easter. It can be tempting for more people to stay on the mountain one extra day.

– Already on Good Friday, the snow line will drop in several places, before it rises a little again. But there will be some precipitation such as snow on Sunday night, Monday night. At most it can be 20-25 centimeters during the Easter weekend in some places, but it is mostly in Western Norway, says the meteorologist.

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– Enjoy if you can

Western Norway can also expect to receive a little more precipitation such as rain in the lowlands during Easter. It comes at the same time with a low pressure towards the weekend.

– Rogaland may have a little more stay weather on Thursday and Friday, but there may be both showers and snow showers there also during Easter. This mainly applies to Sogn og Fjordane as well, says Reuder.

– So the clear weather winner for Easter is in other words the areas of Østafjells?

– Yes, in Eastern Norway you can only enjoy if you can!

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