Dr. Jairinho and mother fail to reconstitute death

Dr. Jairinho and mother fail to reconstitute death
Dr. Jairinho and mother fail to reconstitute death
Councilor and doctor Dr. Jairinho and Monique Medeiros, stepfather and mother of Henry Borel, 4, did not participate in the simulated reproduction of the events held on Thursday (1) in the apartment where the couple lives in the Majestic condominium, in Barra da Tijuca, west zone of Rio de Janeiro.

According to the couple’s lawyer, André França, the defense had asked for the reconstitution to be carried out on Monday (5). The absence was advised by the defense of Monique and Jairinho.

“We chose to advise them not to participate at all, because over the course of these days we have already submitted 22 petitions, making numerous requests. We do not have access to videos, to numerous statements. And what people have asked for has been requested since so it hasn’t been answered, “said France.

Even without the presence of Jairinho and Monique, the Civil Police experts carried out simulated reproduction. The couple’s lawyers participated in the procedure.

“We understand that we made an extremely reasonable request. We arrived at the delegate and said ‘we want to participate a lot in the procedure, our participation is important. I am asking instead of Thursday. [hoje], to do on Monday ‘. What would get in the way. We are referring an assistant expert to work on the spot, there is a professional who is hired that we wanted him to come, but he is in another state. We are in the middle of a pandemic holiday. There is difficulty in bringing him here from Rio Grande do Sul “, added the defense.

Police said the couple could respond for disobedience for not attending the reenactment.

Conversation with Governor

Asked about the call that Jairinho made to the acting governor of Rio de Janeiro, Cláudio Castro, hours after Henry’s death, the lawyer stated that the two are friends.

“The councilman and Cláudio Castro are friends just as the councilman knows countless other people. Jairinho’s concern, as well as Monique’s, has always been to grant the greatest transparency and the greatest justice to the case. He doesn’t want his figure as a politician to be able to generate any bias that harms him. He says ‘I just want a procedure to be done that is fair’, “said França.

Or case

Henry Borel, 4, died on March 8, in Rio de Janeiro

Image: Reproduction / Social Networks

Henry was the son of newly divorced parents, and spent a weekend with his father, engineer Leniel Borel de Almeida. Around 7 pm, Leniel left the child in the condominium where the mother resides. Security cameras caught the boy’s arrival. Monique Medeiros da Costa e Silva has been dating the councilor since October 2020. Before, she worked as a teacher and now holds a position at the Court of Auditors of the Municipality.

According to the investigations, at dawn on the 8th, the doctor and councilman Dr. Jairinho (Solidariedade), Henry’s stepfather, and his girlfriend and mother of the child, Monique Medeiros, took the boy to Barra D’Or Hospital, in Barra da Tijuca, where they reported that the child had breathing difficulties. The couple then called the boy’s father to report what happened.

Leniel then went to the health facility and found the doctors trying to revive the child. Guided by hospital professionals, the boy’s father opened an occurrence in the 16th DP to understand what happened to his son. The boy’s death occurred on the 8th.

Henry’s autopsy report indicated signs of violence and the cause of death was internal bleeding and liver laceration caused by a blunt action.

In the document, the expert found multiple bruises on the abdomen and upper limbs; hemorrhagic infiltration in the front, side and back of the head; swelling in the brain; large amount of blood in the abdomen; kidney contusion on the right; trauma with pulmonary contusion; hepatic laceration (in the liver); and retroperitoneal hemorrhage.

Change order

So far, the 16th DP, in Barra da Tijuca, has heard 17 witnesses. One was from Monique Medeiros’ mother.

Professor Rosângela Medeiros da Costa e Silva, the boy’s maternal grandmother, told police officers that the grandson was a sweet and polite child. The woman also said that she received a call from her daughter at dawn on the 8th alerting to Henry’s problem. Rosângela said that the boy’s mother called saying that Henry was not breathing and that he went to the hospital. Still on the way to the health unit Monique would have called and is informed about the child’s death.

The lawyer André França presented a handwritten letter – signed by Rosângela Medeiros – saying that the words spoken by her were distorted by the Civil Police.

“On the occasion of my testimony, the delegate was extremely biased and partial. I take as an example the fact that he did not allow me to make statements outside of what he wanted to hear, he wanted to report facts in which Leniel [pai de Henry] used Henry against the mother, reporting the child lying episodes related to the mother. Such lying episodes left Henry confused about his mother. I was astonished when the deputy, at the time he was telling me that Jairinho was not jealous of Monique, punched the table hard and said ‘p * this guy is perfect. I’m thirsty for him, “” wrote Monique’s mother.

Still in the letter, Rosângela ends by asking the lawyer “to contact the Public Ministry or judge of the case so that my new testimony proceeds fairly and impartially and everything is recorded” concludes.

In addition to this letter, the defense of Jairinho and Monique cited other reasons that motivated the desire for the case to be transferred from the 16th DP to the Homicide Police Station.

“We asked the delegate that all these statements be recorded, we just want transparency. There is nothing to hide,” said André França.

Another reason reported by the defense was related to the search and seizure greetings at Jairinho and Monique’s house last week.

“If you notice in the images of the search and seizure we identified and petitioned with photos of police officers with cell phones in hand. Jairinho and Monique granted the cell phone password with free access. Custody was broken. The proper procedure is to put the cell phone in in a bag, seal and Carlos Éboli Institute, you don’t have to be in the hands of a police officer and what happened there afterwards you break the entire chain of custody. It is not a minimally adequate protocol “, asked André França.

“In view of all these reported episodes, we are asking that the proceeding be moved from the 16th DP to the Homicide Police Station, which is a specialized police station, since there is a possibility of dealing with homicide, which is being discussed, go to the specialized police station” , concluded the lawyer.

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